Centrax Systems, Newgen Software announce strategic partnership

Johannesburg, 04 Apr 2024
Driving digital transformation and innovation.
Driving digital transformation and innovation.

Centrax Systems and Newgen Software are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, combining their expertise to drive digital transformation and innovation. This collaboration brings together Centrax’s deep technical knowledge and Newgen’s cutting-edge platform, creating a powerful synergy for clients worldwide.

Our dedication to forward-thinking strategies and client-focused solutions enables businesses to flourish in the competitive market. This collaboration aims to empower prominent financial services firms, public sector organisations and other entities across Africa, the US and Europe. From initial planning to continuous maintenance, Centrax Systems stands as your trusted partner on the digital journey. Leveraging Newgen’s business insights and its robust, secure and scalable low-code digital transformation platform, NewgenONE, we are committed to driving innovation and success.

“At Centrax, innovation is in our DNA. We lead with strategy, design and architecture to deliver a portfolio of next-generation offerings and services that blend our broad domain expertise with cutting-edge technology,” said Tamylin Farquhar – Head of Enterprise Business at Centrax.

Newgen’s low-code application platform empowers enterprises to create content-driven, customer-engaging applications in the cloud. From onboarding to document management, Newgen simplifies complex processes with agility.

“Our commitment to simplicity and speed drives successful digital transformations. We can help businesses unlock the power of content, automation and seamless communication,” said Manojit Majumdar, Vice-President, Channel Sales at Newgen Software.

Together, Centrax Systems and Newgen Software are poised to revolutionise digital experiences, providing innovative solutions that propel businesses forward. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter digital future.


Centrax Digital

Centrax Systems is a trusted partner in Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization, offering a broad range of services such as IT Consulting, Managed Services, Broadcast Solutions, Digital Marketing, Cloud Solutions, Process Automation, Business Applications, and more.

With deep technical expertise and industry experience, we stay ahead by foreseeing and fulfilling our clients' future needs, delivering end-to-end support from planning to maintenance of digital platforms. Our proven solutions give our clients a unique competitive advantage and the foresight to thrive in their industries.

Newgen Software Inc.

Newgen is the leading provider of a unified digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, communication management, and AI/ML capabilities. Globally, successful enterprises rely on Newgen's industry-recognized low-code application platform to develop and deploy complex, content-driven, and customer-engaging business applications on the cloud. From onboarding to service requests, lending to underwriting, electronic records and document management, and for many more use cases across industries, Newgen unlocks simple with speed and agility.

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