CMS looks to social networking

By Nicole Hyman, ITWeb trainee journalist
Johannesburg, 10 Jul 2008

CMS looks to social networking

Content management software (CMS) vendors are pondering social networking features and are expected to collaborate or acquire so-called white label networks to make their enterprise apps more social, maintains a ZDNet blogger.

That's one of the takeaways from Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst at Forrester.

Owyang's working theory is that the big enterprise CMS vendors - EMC's Documentum, Interwoven, Vignette, Stellent etc. - are leaving money on the table by not offering social networking features. Meanwhile, there are more than 90 companies offering white label social networking infrastructure branded as something else. At some point these two categories of vendors will meet.

CMS integrates with Google

Several CMS vendors have worked to fully integrate their systems with Google Website Optimizer, resulting in a more efficient way to set up pages to test and measure success reports Information Week.

These vendors - Clickability, Emovendo, Ingeniux, Internetrix, Marqui and Valtira - are a mix of both well-known and niche companies.

Google Website Optimizer allows site teams to test landing pages to see which delivered the best response. By creating two or more versions of a page, changing which is displayed to each unique visitor and measuring which delivers the most positive result, the tool can help take the guesswork out of homepage design and replace it with hard numbers.

Multilingual CMS to be developed

Canadian companies Palomino System Innovations and NLP Technologies have announced their partnership to engage in joint research and development for a multilingual Web content and document management system, reports eMedia Wire.

Based on their existing technologies, the two companies will develop an online service that integrates NLP's DecisionExpress automatic translation and summarisation technology with the award-winning WebPal CMS Web content management system.

The resulting software service will assist both NLP's and Palomino's clients with automated work flow for content translation and summarisation and therefore provide added value to their existing technology platforms.