CoCre8 announces partnership with HyTrust

Johannesburg, 16 Mar 2021

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with HyTrust, an Entrust company, simply known as HyTrust. HyTrust was founded by veterans in the enterprise infrastructure and security space who recognised early on not only that virtualisation and the cloud were going to dramatically transform the data centre, but also that security would be a critical inhibitor to cloud adoption.

HyTrust’s mission is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data centre failure and data breaches – especially considering the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualised and cloud environments. Organisations can now confidently expand virtualisation to mission-critical applications and take full advantage of the cloud.

HyTrust technology has been widely deployed by Global 2000 companies and top government agencies, with strong market presence in financial services, healthcare and government verticals.

HyTrust is a world-class team of company builders and innovators, and partners with some of the biggest players in the next-generation data centre: VMware, IBM, Cisco, Intel, Google, Amazon and In-Q-Tel. With its close location and ties to the Silicon Valley tech community, the HyTrust team values honesty, transparency, diligence and, most of all, delivering quality for its customers.

In January 2021, HyTrust was acquired by Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection. The two organisations have come together as a single source for high-assurance data protection, identity and compliance solutions that allow enterprises to encrypt data and enforce security policy across virtualised, public and hybrid cloud environments.

HyTrust is a strategic partner, bringing a unique offering to CoCre8's cloud and security solutions. CoCre8 has an extensive set of solutions, from the edge to the core to cloud, and HyTrust is the latest addition that strengthens CoCre8’s overall value proposition. CoCre8 is very excited about the partnership and recognises the importance of security solutions in today’s world.

CoCre8 is a key partner for HyTrust in both South Africa and English speaking Africa. CoCre8 has an extensive reach into these regions through an established partner landscape, and the HyTrust range of solutions complements the extensive product and solution range that CoCre8 already has to offer.

Product/solutions highlights

Multicloud workload security: Powerful encryption, policy and access control for virtual and public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Ultimate power: With the coming of products like VMware ESXi, NSX and vSphere, power is concentrated in the hypervisor. Because of the absolute power of the hypervisor over compute, storage and now network, it is vital to properly control access to admin/root accounts as well as control who can do what to the network and servers.

HyTrust CloudControl: Whether you are running VMs in a private cloud powered by vSphere or a public cloud, like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air or AWS, HyTrust DataControl provides strong encryption for virtual machines in any cloud, along with easy-to-deploy key management YOU control.

HyTrust DataControl: Delivers complete workload life cycle, from inception to retirement. It reduces the complexity of protecting workloads across multiple cloud platforms and ensures protection of sensitive data and critical underpinning of cryptographic keys. It further enforces separation of duties across different user personas and facilitates compliance with data privacy.

HyTrust KeyControl: HyTrust KeyControl simplifies the process of key management for applications that do not require sophisticated policy based key management – but still need to perform to scale to enterprise grade level performance. To evaluate HyTrust KeyControl, a 60-day trial licence is available here.

HyTrust CloudAdvisor: HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Data enables you to define policies to automatically discover the data that’s valuable to you, detect anomalous user access behaviours, and defend your organisation against careless exposure, data loss, malicious users and regulatory noncompliance.

We are looking forward to working with the HyTrust team to ensure our customers data is secure, whether in the cloud, or on-premises.


CoCre8 Technology Solutions

Formerly Fujitsu South Africa, CoCre8 Technology Solutions has transformed its operating model within South Africa. The South African investment consortium which previously held 25% plus one share of the company has acquired the balance of the Fujitsu shareholding, creating a 100% locally owned entity as of 1 April 2020.CoCre8 achieved a Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating and looks after Fujitsu’s interests in South Africa and English-Speaking Africa by being the Exclusive Fujitsu OEM representative for Africa. CoCre8 also offers an extensive range of innovative solutions from the edge to the core to the cloud as a key enabler for Digital Transformation.

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