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Concerned about network performance when moving to cloud?

By Suzanne Franco, Surveys Editorial Project Manager at ITWeb.
Johannesburg, 18 Jul 2018
Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate.
Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate.

ITWeb, in partnership with Accelerate, is running a Cloud Networking Survey to understand the cloud networking strategies within South African organisations.

"This survey aims to ascertain how many companies have adopted SaaS and IaaS-based cloud services at a global level and within South Africa. We also want to understand which of those companies believe their application performance needs to be improved to support their business processes," says Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate.

Hardy says companies moving to global cloud are almost always disappointed in the measurable drop in application performance and productivity, leading to user frustration.

"When ISPs then recommend more bandwidth as a solution, which is incorrect, it only serves to make the situation even more frustrating when performance does not improve."

Hardy also points out that using intelligent and fully optimised networks to cloud provides fast, predictable, secure and reliable application delivery.

"Understanding and leveraging these unique networks can support and measurably enhance the cloud experience for companies."

When asked how cloud networking budgets can best be leveraged, Hardy says customers should look for application- optimised networking and Internet solutions.

"More often than not, Internet (connectivity) is not adequate for many cloud applications due to its inconsistency and high latency. Delivering a fully optimised application network is therefore ideal. But, historically, this has been an expensive and technically cumbersome choice."

Hardy adds that companies are now finding an affordable way to deliver high-quality, optimised application access as part of a dedicated Internet experience without deviating too much from the cost of un-optimised Internet.

Cloud failures relate to the network

"Because most cloud applications are delivered from Europe, latency and packet loss significantly reduce the overall application experience. But these issues are easily resolved nowadays with a new breed to application-accelerated Internet services that support moving to the cloud and delivering LAN-based application speeds. This is providing the much-needed network support and confidence to move to cloud," he says.

Hardy goes on to say that every month, companies are deploying or adopting more global applications.

"This is either due to applications not being available within South Africa (SalesForce, Netsuite, Vena, Oracle, SAP, AWS, 0365), or customers wanting to host applications outside of SA. In reality, within 10 years, most customers will have moved 100% into cloud, and will be almost solely reliant on the Internet to deliver applications to business."

Has your company made the move yet? What are your experiences?

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