Creality’s new Ender-3 V3 sets a CoreXZ trend for consumer 3D printers

Johannesburg, 24 Jun 2024

Creality, which positions itself as a world-leading 3D printer brand, has unveiled the Ender-3 V3, a CoreXZ bed slinger. Like the Ender-3 V2, a big hit in 2020, this upgrade is set to disrupt the market again with the new CoreXZ, 600mm/s speed, die-cast gantry and base, and Creality OS. It is meant to be a new pacesetter for consumer 3D printers.

CoreXZ for 600mm/s and print quality

Ender-3 V3 is the first 3D printer of Creality adopting CoreXZ, a flipped version of CoreXY. Specifically, the X and Z axes are rigged together, allowing two high-torque motors to work in unison for quick response. It delivers a printing speed of 600mm/s with 10 000mm/s² acceleration, which is 12 times faster than a regular i3-style 3D printer, marking a new benchmark for bed slingers.

CoreXZ also promises exceptional print quality, especially on the Z-axis. The precision linear shafts and timing belts minimise gaps and deviations during transmission more efficiently than old-fashioned lead screws and V-wheels. Even better, the timing belts are tensioned automatically, eliminating the need for manual calibrations.

Ultra stable with solid build and more

Ender-3 V3 boasts a new metal build. Both the gantry and base are die-cast with aerospace aluminum alloy as a single piece, the same tech used in high-end cars, making the printer stable and durable.

The printhead includes a G-sensor for vibration compensation (input shaping) to eliminate ringing or ghosting. It also has two part-cooling fans on the printhead, one at the front and one at the back, for strong and evenly distributed cooling. In addition, dynamic balancing reduces printhead shaking, preventing drooping, warping or stringing.

New extruder kit

The new direct extruder kit, enhanced by a bolster spring and a ball plunger, ensures clog-free extrusion for more than 1 000 hours. The nozzle and heatbreak are unified, which not only blocks heat creep, but also allows for a quick swap with just one hand.

Meanwhile, the nozzle is tipped with hardened steel to handle high-strength engineering filaments confidently. Also, a 60W ceramic heater surrounding the hotend takes the flow rate up to 32mm³/s, able to fully melt ABS, PETG and other high-temp filaments on the fly.

Keep 3D printing easy and enjoyable

Ender-3 V3 runs with a fluent Creality OS (based on Klipper) powered by a snappy 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and an 8G ROM. With a single tap on the 4.3-inch touch screen, the self-check can complete auto levelling, input shaping, etc. And the built-in WiFi is a must-have for remote control and monitoring.

Creality offers a sound software ecosystem for the printer. Creality Print slicer enables data-secure LAN printing in addition to rich presets for filaments. The Creality Cloud App helps you keep an eye on printing wherever you are and offers a vast number of free 3D models. The app and software will make 3D printing more enjoyable for everyone.

The Ender-3 V3 also comes with optional accessories like an AI camera, printer enclosure, Hyper-PLA filament and more.

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Creality is a world-leading maker of consumer 3D printers committed to democratizing the benefits of 3D printing. Ender-3 V3 marks an epic upgrade from the legendary Ender-3 and popular Ender-3 V2, aiming to make 3D printing faster, smarter, and easier to use. It is anticipated that Creality will roll out more innovative products in the future.

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