CSSA surveys the ICT community

Johannesburg, 13 Apr 2012

Computer Society South Africa (CSSA) has embarked on a survey (see aimed at individuals, institutions and corporates who are active in the information and communications technology (ICT) space in this country.

The survey is open to all who work in the ICT arena, including, but not restricted to, members of the CSSA.

The Computer Society is looking to gather as many responses as possible from people in all walks of ICT life. This includes all those who work in the ICT industry, those who are employers of ICT skills, as well as those who are studying to become ICT practitioners. CSSA wants to know how all respondents feel about the society, about professionalism and about career development, and, in so doing, to serve South Africa better.

“It is very important for any professional body to ensure its continuing relevance to the community that it serves,” noted Wellington Matope, CSSA Vice-President and office bearer responsible for the survey.

In order to encourage participation, the CSSA has obtained sponsorship for a number of exciting prizes for a few lucky survey participants. The sponsored prizes, which will be drawn in May 2012, consist of five iPods (Nano), a Nokia N9 cellphone, an Xbox and a weekend away at a Southern Sun Hotel.

The survey closes on 30 April 2012.


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