Cubit overcomes language barriers

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 11 Jan 2006

Cubit Accounting Software, which develops, supplies and maintains the Cubit accounting package, has announced the availability of its software in several local language modules, including Xhosa, Zulu, North Sotho and Afrikaans.

"In a country with as diverse a population as SA`s, software that allows users to work in the language of their choice is a must," says Cubit CEO Andre Coetzee.

Coetzee says Cubit developed the modules to cater for the large number of small business owners in the country who cannot afford expensive systems. "A large part of our business is in Kokstad and they speak Xhosa," he says.

Development began in August last year and according to Coetzee, modules in all 11 official languages will be available by the end of this month.

The Cubit language modules support multiple languages on a single system at the same time. Explaining how the software works, Coetzee says: "An employee in Mozambique may view the same information in Portuguese as a North Sotho user in SA, depending on their choice."

Users also have the option to create their own languages, says Coetzee. "Cubit uses only 7 100 terms, making it relatively easy to translate. Users can translate the English version into any language of their choice by selecting the option, and filling in the appropriate terms next to their English variants.

"We believe that offering multiple language support will be of huge benefit to Cubit`s users both in Africa and globally. The Internet and e-mail have made the world a much smaller place, and you now find the people you work closely with on a daily basis may be in different time zones, on different continents. It makes sense to be able to work across multiple languages too," says Coetzee.

Cubit and the newly released language modules are freely available for download from the Cubit Web site, he adds.