CX is a good place to start with AI-driven innovation

Lungile Msomi
By Lungile Msomi, ITWeb journalist
Johannesburg, 05 Oct 2023
Douglas McNeilage, regional director of Verint South Africa.
Douglas McNeilage, regional director of Verint South Africa.

Businesses should embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and innovate their workflows, leading to improved customer experience (CX). 

These insights were shared by Douglas McNeilage, regional director of Verint South Africa, during his presentation at the ITWeb CX Summit 2023.

McNeilage says most businesses want to explore AI but don’t know where to start. Meanwhile, in the CX division “there is pressure to deliver value which is where AI can really come in and help.”

He says there has been a noticeable shift in AI adoption among businesses. Early adopters made substantial investments in AI technology, with some encountering challenges as they navigated the rapidly evolving landscape. In contrast, a new wave of adopters is taking a different approach by focusing on specific business process requirements and prioritising workflow automation using AI to drive efficiency.

He notes that “AI is integral to digitising businesses. While some businesses may initially resist change, most recognize the potential of automation and technology to drive innovation and enhance customer experiences.”

To address challenges faced by businesses in adopting AI, Verint offers its Da Vinci AI platform, which integrates AI into business workflows, making it accessible to users. The platform employs a team of bots to eliminate mundane tasks within customer engagement processes, ultimately achieving CX automation.

The company has seen a high rate of AI platform adoption in the finance and healthcare sectors. McNeilage mentions that some of the country's leading banks and insurers have deployed the Da Vinci AI platform. Other sectors such as retail and energy are seeing automation at a much slower rate but are open to adoption of AI tech.