Cyber crime, cyber insecurity ranked eight in 2023 Global Risks Report, remain constant concern for organisations

Johannesburg, 11 Jul 2023

The World Economic Forum unveiled the 2023 Global Risks Report, which identified the world's key risks over the next decade. These global risks are ranked according to severity and explore some of the most severe risks facing organisations and industries. 

Rapid development and deployment of new technologies, increased cyber crime and disruption to critical technology-enabled resources have become the norm and will pose new risks to organisations. Companies must prepare for imminent cyber attacks and incidents. The business impact of not being prepared will have significant and long-lasting effects on a company's operations, financial stability, reputation and competitiveness. A co-ordinated, collaborative approach makes sense when addressing these risks.

Investing time to understand your organisation's environments, business and specific vulnerabilities can effectively assist leadership in understanding their specific cyber risks and associated controls in the business context.

Working closely with a specialist consulting company can take the complexity out of information security. Wolfpack Information Risk understands cyber risk, local threat environments and the business impact of cyber attacks. Wolfpack provides customers with the comfort and assurance that business disruption from cyber security risk has been sufficiently reduced, according to their business needs. Cyber security risk assessments are a great starting point to establish the foundation for implementing a cyber security programme.

Wolfpack conducted a national benchmarking survey in 2011 and again in 2023. The 2023 SA Information Security Thermometer Research report has addressed many cyber risks and has helped to translate cyber crime's impact into language businesses can understand. Wolfpack's MD, Craig Rosewarne, and industry experts will share the valuable findings at these monthly webinars.

Subscribe to the Information Security Thermometer webinar platform to access all the research content. The July webinar, on 20 July, will unpack IT budget breakdowns, information security budgets and salary scales of top IT and security executives.


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