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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023: Empowering users to stay safe online

Johannesburg, 01 Nov 2023
KHIPU believes in a proactive approach to cyber security.
KHIPU believes in a proactive approach to cyber security.

Last month – October 2023 – was Cyber Awareness Month, an annual 30-day period dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of cyber security and educating individuals and organisations on staying safe in the digital world.

This year, Cyber Awareness Month came with a compelling message, attempting to emphasise the idea that ‘it's easy to stay safe online’ as long as some simple digital security rules and best practices are adhered to. KHIPU, which positions itself as a leading cyber security solutions provider, took this opportunity to educate its customers and the broader community on various aspects of cyber security in alignment with this theme.

This press release will highlight the success of this year's Cyber Awareness Month, KHIPU's dedication to increasing cyber security awareness, while also introducing readers to an upcoming educational event as a way to continue the journey towards enhanced cyber security for all!

The theme: 'It's easy to stay safe online'

The theme of this year's Cyber Awareness Month is succinct yet powerful: "It's easy to stay safe online." This theme conveys the idea that with the right knowledge and tools, online safety can be achieved without unnecessary complexity or stress. KHIPU embraced this theme by offering clear and practical guidance to its customers and the community on key cyber security topics.

Educating the community

Week 1 – Strong passwords and password managers: The use of strong, unique passwords is a fundamental element of online security. KHIPU encouraged the community to create strong passwords and employ password managers to help them remember and securely store their credentials Read more.

Week 2 – Multi-factor authentication (MFA): KHIPU recognised the importance of MFA in enhancing online security. KHIPU educated the community on how to enable and use MFA effectively, ensuring that unauthorised access to accounts becomes significantly more challenging. Read more.

Week 3 – Phishing awareness: Recognising and reporting phishing attempts is essential in the fight against cyber threats. KHIPU educated its customers on how to identify phishing attempts and report them promptly, helping to protect both their own data and broader online communities. Read more.

Week 4 – Keeping software and apps up to date: Outdated software and apps are vulnerable to security breaches. KHIPU emphasised the importance of keeping software and apps up to date and provided practical guidance on achieving this, including regular updates and patches. Read more.

Cyber Awareness Month is a vital initiative, this year showing that, in an increasingly digital world, the ability to prevent or, at the very least, recover quickly from cyber incidents remans paramount. As a collaborative initiative, it not only provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and organisations to bolster their defences against ever-evolving cyber threats, but creates a forum for learning through which the knowledge shared and gained can help prevent data breaches and financial losses.

At KHIPU, we wholeheartedly believe in a proactive approach to cyber security through an understanding that prevention is always preferable over cure.

Join us for 2023 Community SOC Conference

As Cyber Awareness Month 2023 has drawn to a close, KHIPU invites you to continue your journey towards enhanced cyber security. We're hosting a unique virtual event on 30 November, from 11am to 3pm. This is a virtual conference event like no other and is not to be missed!

Guest speakers from University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University) and Canterbury Christ Church University will explain how KHIPU's Security Operations Centre (SOC) service enhances their existing threat detection and incident response capabilities, transforming their cyber security environment with around-the-clock network monitoring and response to cyber threats.

Furthermore, we are delighted to have speakers from KHIPU’s specialist teams, who will provide updates on the current cyber security threat landscape, giving you a broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the cyber security domain.

This event promises to be an educational and insightful experience, shedding light on how KHIPU is at the forefront of cyber security solutions for both educational institutions and broader enterprise. It's a chance to learn, network with peers and gain valuable knowledge to enhance your online security.

Register here to join and further your understanding of cyber security and discover why KHIPU is a trusted SOC partner for educational institutions in both South Africa and the UK. The KHIPU team looks forward to welcoming you!