Dante Deo to open Isle of Man office in 2024

As part of an ongoing strategy to grow the markets in Europe, the UK and the US – as well as Asia-Pacific – Dante Deo is set to open a Northern Hemisphere office.

Johannesburg, 09 Nov 2023
Leon Steyn, CEO of Dante Deo.
Leon Steyn, CEO of Dante Deo.

Rekindling a strategy it initially adopted in 2017, when it incorporated in the UK, Dante Deo is set to launch a new office on the Isle of Man on 1 January 2024, affording it a base from which to launch physical operations in the Northern Hemisphere.

Known for its IT sourcing, procurement and licence renewal services, Dante Deo focuses on reducing complexity, lowering costs and improving efficiencies for its customers. To this end, the company delivers a full 360-degree review of its clients’ digital ecosystem and technology landscape to determine where they stand with regard to the sourcing, procurement, deployment, use and renewal of their IT assets.

According to CEO Leon Steyn, the service Dante Deo offers is ideal for the European – and US – markets the company aims to play in, because the fields of technology procurement and outsourcing are a great deal more mature in these markets.

“In South Africa, most companies view procurement and outsourcing as the job of the general procurement officer, whereas the developed markets recognise both the importance and complexity of this highly specialised discipline. This means they are open to using an organisation like ours to negotiate a licensing deal for them, optimise the use of IT assets or run a procurement process on their behalf,” he says.

“Given our experience, strength and professionalism as a business in this space, we are ideally suited to enter these particular markets. We are the thought leaders in this sector and bring skills and expertise to the discipline – something the global market is crying out for.”

Asked why Dante Deo chose to incorporate its offices on the Isle of Man, he explains that two things brought the company to the island. Initially, the support it received from the local government was incredible, especially compared to how ponderous governments typically are, when handling such incorporations.

“Instead, we were embraced, provided with plenty of additional information, and ultimately supported through the process by them, from start to finish. Essentially, we see them as a partner to work with, rather than the more traditional authority to submit to.

“The second reason for the move to the Isle of Man is that their economy is focused on the financial sector, and IT – which was the attractive part for us. After all, there is a lot of IT development here, and many significant software development organisations make their home in this region too, enabling synergy between the Isle of Man strategy and our own.

“These offices on the Isle of Man will serve as a springboard into the European, UK and US markets, as well as the Asia Pacific region, notably Singapore. Moreover, they will be positioned to offer a wide range of services, including IT project management and IT asset management, as well as sourcing and procurement.

“Aside from identifying how strongly international customers will benefit from our licence renewals service, we are also eager to leverage our existing networks in these international markets. Since these will be key growth markets for us as we move forward, we are excited about the possibilities that are opened up by the launch of our new Northern Hemisphere office,” concludes Steyn.


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