Data protection strategy with Microsoft 365 Copilot in mind

Webinar: 30 April at 12pm UTC+1.

Johannesburg, 23 Apr 2024
Don't miss the Cloud Essentials webinar.
Don't miss the Cloud Essentials webinar.

Set Microsoft 365 Copilot free with confidence in your data protection strategy.

Microsoft 365 Copilot promises to enhance productivity and creativity, encouraging collaboration; a whole new way to work. Generative AI offers exciting, competitive-edge advantage to organisations able to harness its power. But we’ve also all heard the warnings about the risk to data privacy by allowing Copilot free rein across your data estate. So how do you know when you’re ready to implement Microsoft 365 Copilot with confidence that your data protection strategy will stand up to its added stresses?

Join Cloud Essentials’ webinar on 30 April at 12pm (UTC+1). We’ll share best practice and practical advice to help you prepare for Copilot readiness with confidence. You’ll leave armed with the knowledge to:

  • Address top concerns from C-suite and lead pragmatic conversations around risk.
  • Prioritise data security initiatives.
  • Build a business case for risk mitigation ahead of Microsoft Copilot 365.
  • Make quick wins on permissions hygiene and compliance.
  • Get started with an AI policy.

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