Data Sciences Corporation celebrates 10-year milestone

Johannesburg, 12 Sep 2023
Jean Coetzee.
Jean Coetzee.

Data Sciences Corporation celebrates 10 years of offering a wide range of services, from storage and backup appliances to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Its winning strategy over the past 10 years was to stay relevant to its valued enterprise customers by growing its core products and expanding into new technology offerings, as and when the market was ready.

With a consultative approach, it has maintained a good standing with its customers, always aiming to tailor solutions to specific needs. Reflecting on the successes achieved over the past 10 years, the company's ability to build close partnerships with its vendors also stands out as a highlight. Data Sciences Corporation is very proud to be recognised by its vendors as representing the highest tier of partnership available, and often referred to as their “extension” in the market. A major differentiator for Data Sciences Corporation is its ability to service the technology it sells and provide its customers with a single engagement point.

Although the core business lies in the data centre infrastructure, Data Sciences Corporation has, over the past few years, invested time and money to identify and adopt next-generation technology. With its commitment to remain always forward-looking and expanding into new markets, Data Sciences Corporation excels at translating value to its existing and future customer-base. For example, its partnership with NVIDIA and the investment into AI technologies will be a strong focus for the business going forward, embracing the new wave of technology.

Data Sciences Corporation has also developed a unique Multi-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service, offering cloud-native solutions, using modern models that provide unmatched flexibility, scalability and reliability, resulting in improved uptime and security.

The company believes it is through this ability to provide unique, relevant and value-adding technologies and solutions that help solve customers’ challenges that gives Data Sciences Corporation the edge to solve customers’ complex needs.

With growth and expansion in mind, Jean Coetzee has been appointed as Data Sciences Corporation’s Group Executive for Enterprise Development. He is responsible for developing and executing strategies that increase revenue, expand their customer base and develop new business opportunities.

On sharing his vision, Coetzee said: “My chosen approach is to have a customer-advocate mindset, meaning that one must stay in tune with the customers you have or would like to have. With this outlook and through cross-functional collaboration within the business, as well as an understanding of the market dynamics, I will develop strategies and ultimately execute on the kind of experiences we would like to create.”

Coetzee has close to 30 years of ICT experience, encompassing various senior roles. He has proven expertise in managing and leading teams and businesses. In his previous role, he was responsible for growth at Teraco.

Coetzee is an MBA graduate from the Unisa School for Business Leaders, with a dissertation focus on business-to-business relationship marketing, along with several other qualifications, such as Digital Strategies for Business at Columbia Business School.

“We are very excited about Jean joining the team and look forward to the next 10 years of collaborating with our current and future customers and providing unique and relevant technologies that solve their challenges,” says Gerard Almon, MD of Data Sciences Corporation.