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Dell Technologies Partner Program: Seizing opportunities to win together

Consistent programme structure to support partners with strong collaboration for joint success, by Denise Millard.

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2024
Denise Millard, Dell Technologies SVP, Global Alliances, Industries, Partner Strategy & Programs.
Denise Millard, Dell Technologies SVP, Global Alliances, Industries, Partner Strategy & Programs.

For 40 years, Dell Technologies has helped transform the world. Now, on day one of our new fiscal year, we are excited to unveil the 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program, so that together, we can continue driving human progress.

Our 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program has a consistent tiered programme structure with even more focus on collaboration, acquisition and investment in critical growth areas to drive shared success.

“In today's dynamic IT landscape, it is more important than ever to have a trusted partner like Dell Technologies, which can help navigate the complexities of AI, multicloud, edge and cyber security. Dell provides us with the technology, expertise and support we need to drive profitable growth and success for our clients,” said Rachel Porco, Director, Strategic Alliances at AHEAD.

Grow and modernise the core business

Partners are critical to our success. Over the past four quarters,[1] our partners contributed approximately 50% of our net revenue and more than 60% of all new and reactivated buyers. With this foundation of strong partnerships, we have an opportunity to further grow and modernise the core business in the year to come.

The Partner First Strategy for Storage, announced in August, made over 99% of customers and prospective customers “partner first” for storage and quadrupled the number of accounts eligible for storage Partner of Record (POR) status. We’re seeing even greater collaboration between Dell sales team members and partners as a result. In the new year, we’ll build on our growth strategy by further incentivising new business acquisition, setting clear expectations and working hand in hand to deliver for our joint customers.

Our 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program continues rewarding our partners in key areas:

  • Higher profit potential for Dell APEX Infrastructure offerings: Beginning this year, we are streamlining the Dell APEX Infrastructure offerings into Storage+ and Server+ product categories. With these updates, the full incentive-eligible Dell APEX portfolio now qualifies for base rebates and behavioural incentives, increasing profit potential and adding Dell APEX to partners’ acquisition toolkit. In addition, the Dell APEX Upfront incentive will continue to be available for partners who hold the Dell APEX Infrastructure competency.
  • Increased Client+ and ProSupport Plus earning potential: Metal-tier partners who hold a Client+ competency and hit their Client Peripheral revenue gate are now eligible for a five times multiplier on the base rebate when selling Dell Client Peripherals, and two times the base rebate when selling Precision Workstation, Dell Displays & Docks and Dell Latitude Rugged laptops and tablets. We are also increasing the rebate for partners who attach Dell ProSupport Plus services when selling Client+ products.
  • Project Harmony is now Partner ProServices: In May 2023, we announced Project Harmony, a professional services-focused delivery model where eligible partners integrate Dell Services into their branded offerings, manage the entire customer engagement process and leverage Dell expertise when and as needed. We continue to expand the Partner ProServices offerings to enable our partners to meet the changing services requirements of their customers.
  • Earn more with Dell PowerFlex: With unparalleled performance and scalability, PowerFlex, Dell’s software-defined infrastructure solution, is designed to keep pace with the dynamic needs of today’s workloads. Partners that invest in and hold the PowerFlex Design 2023 Certification will be eligible for a stackable 4% rebate kicker on New Business and Competitive Swap incentive opportunities.

“The Dell Technologies Partner Program is built on collaboration and trust. Together, we provide innovative solutions that directly address customer needs and help them achieve their digital transformation goals. They see us, partners, as an extension of Dell Technologies because we share very well aligned business values and vision. With Dell's commitment to innovation, we're looking forward to continuing to deliver best-in-class capabilities to our customers, together,” said Ramón Hasky, Commercial Director at Unitech Rio.

Build new market opportunities

Dell Technologies offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios, from client devices to the data centre, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to driving positive impact for business, people and the planet. The 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program is investing in key growth areas aligned with customer priorities by launching three new competencies:

  • Data Science & AI Competency
  • Edge Solutions Competency
  • Sustainability & ESG Competency

This year, GenAI will move from proof of concept to proof of productivity and is forecast to be a $158.6 billion opportunity for the channel ecosystem by 2028. GenAI is driven by data generated at the edge and hosted in the cloud. Partners that can demonstrate capability with AI, edge and multicloud solutions are the best positioned to capitalise on this market opportunity. The new Data Science & AI Competency and Edge Solutions Competency will validate partners’ expertise on Dell’s offerings.

The new Sustainability & ESG Competency assists partners in addressing customer needs through sustainability training, enablement, tools and resources. Additionally, we offer Circular Business Solutions for convenient recycling and retirement of IT technology, with incentives for reselling. We are extending the 7% rebate for our recovery services to include storage, in addition to the existing rebate on Asset Recovery Services for client and server. We’ll also continue our quarterly Global ESG Partner Spotlight programme, which recognises partners that execute co-branded initiatives aligned with Dell Technologies' ESG priorities.

“Dell's solutions, supported by circular design, sustainable materials and energy efficiency, are enabling us to deliver exceptional value to our customers while reducing their environmental impact. The new Corporate Sustainability and ESG Competency in the Dell Technologies Partner Program ensure we can help our customers make environmentally responsible technology decisions. By partnering with Dell, we are shaping a more sustainable future for all,” said David Harris, Modern Infrastructure Technology Specialist – Global at Insight.

Strengthen collaboration and streamline experience

The 2024 Dell Technologies Partner Program furthers our investment in partner collaboration, through our continued focus on Partner First Strategy for Storage and expanding server POR eligibility as well as acceleration on a modernised partner experience.

This year, we’re expanding server POR eligibility for New Business Incentive server accounts when partners sell more than $15 000 in server revenue to one of these NBI accounts. The expansion of server POR eligibility strengthens predictability of engagement for the data centre holistically while rewarding partners for their investments and acquisition.

We are modernising the online experience by expanding digital connectivity, providing partners with self-serve capabilities to reduce touch from configure to order and empowering them with future-ready tools to help unlock profit potential.

“Dell recognises the crucial role partners play in their success. Partner First Strategy for Storage doubles down on their commitment to partners, aligning with the market shift to channel-driven sales and paving the way for even greater growth and mutual success,” said Bob Venero, president and CEO at Future Tech Enterprise.

What's next starts now

As we celebrate our decades-long legacy of transformative innovation with partners, the future brims with possibility. With a strong partner programme, differentiated business model and unwavering confidence in the power of partnership, we are ready to capture new growth, drive impact and extend our leadership in the years to come.

Together, we write the next chapter.

For more details on specific programme investments and enhancements, click here.

[1] Calculated from Q4 FY23 to Q3 FY24


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