Deloitte Africa expands team to meet Google Cloud demand

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 11 Aug 2023
The demand for Google Cloud expertise has been steadily rising in Africa.
The demand for Google Cloud expertise has been steadily rising in Africa.

Deloitte Africa has recruited an additional fifteen people into its Cloud Engineering practice in response to rising demand for Google Cloud expertise on the continent.

Ashton Fourie, associate director of Google Alliance at Deloitte Africa, says Google is continuing with its aggressive drive to increase market share within Africa. Hhaving recently confirmed the establishment of a local data region in South Africa.

“This, together with the Equiano cable that now connects various countries in Africa, including South Africa, directly into the Google Network, forms part of Google delivering on their commitment made in 2021 to invest US$1billion in Africa over a five-year period,” says Fourie.

According to Deloitte, the demand for Google Cloud expertise has been steadily rising in Africa, but connectivity and infrastructure issues continue to impact cloud adoption. Tchnology like Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform can make a difference by providing scalability and flexibility to enable businesses to transform and adapt to changing market conditions.

“We are delighted to see Deloitte Africa embrace our efforts to boost digital transformation efforts in the South African region,” says Bruno Heese, head of alliances and channels for EMEA, Google Cloud. “Demand for localised digital transformation is high, and innovative cloud infrastructure and generative AI solutions are imperative to reaching customers across the continent in new ways.”

Matt Lacey, chief commercial officer, Google/Alphabet for Deloitte, says the growth of the South African team is an important step in the expansion of the firm's Google footprint across EMEA.

Fourie says many of the benefits that cloud-native solutiins offer can only be realised if a business is able to successfully migrate the bulk of its current estate into the cloud.  

"The new team brings decades of skill in the areas of migration and data resilience in the complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments that enterprises often must operate within, with a strong and dedicates Google focus. Together with Deloitte’s pre-existing strong data engineering, data science, as well as Google Marketing and Customer Data Platform expertise, this uniquely positions Deloitte to bring the full power of Google’s value proposition to our clients.”