Digital boost for township entrepreneurs

Johannesburg, 13 Sep 2023
HUAWEI AppGallery supports purpose-driven entrepreneurship.
HUAWEI AppGallery supports purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

In South Africa, the importance of township development cannot be overstated. These communities house a substantial portion of the population and are integral to the country's socio-economic fabric.

According to reports, even with half of South Africa's populace residing within an estimated 532 townships scattered across the nation, there exists a significant untapped potential in what is commonly referred to as the "township economy". According to the 2022 Township CX Report by Roger Wilco, this dynamic and culturally rich township economy boasts spending power worth hundreds of billions of rands; however, it remains largely unexplored. Estimations suggest that the township economy's overall market worth stands at approximately R900 billion.

Thankfully, with the rise of mobile apps and digital innovative platforms such as Spaza Eats, available on HUAWEI AppGallery, these communities are experiencing unprecedented opportunities for growth.

Business with purpose

Talifhani Banks, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for the local community, has set out on a mission to transform the township economy, one meal at a time. His business, Spaza Eats, found on HUAWEI AppGallery and other app markets, is not just another food delivery app, it is a catalyst for socioeconomic development and a symbol of purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

The app’s commitment to empowering township entrepreneurs is reflected through its digital platform, which enables small-scale restaurant owners to scale their businesses and reach a broader customer base. They can sign up and partner with the app to expand their reach and exposure, while playing a significant role in the competitive food industry.

Empowering township entrepreneurs.
Empowering township entrepreneurs.

Secondly, Spaza Eats creates jobs for drivers, offering an opportunity for individuals to earn a decent living by becoming delivery drivers. This gives them the opportunity to become the lifeline of the food delivery service, connecting customers with flavours of their choice, all while earning a steady income.

That’s not all; Spaza Eats isn’t just about local business and economic development, it’s about sustainability too. The business utilises a fleet of delivery scooters, with 90% of them being electric. They recognise that responsible delivery is essential not only for business but also for the environment.

Expanding the food ordering ecosystem

Spaza Eats joins other prominent food delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Mr Delivery on HUAWEI AppGallery, collectively driving greater access and convenience to food services. These platforms don't just satisfy hunger, they digitally connect consumers and businesses, justifying the true power of digital innovation in today's world.

Don’t know what’s for lunch today? Head over to Spaza Eats to discover some of Mzansi’s favourite dishes, from stacked bunny chows, braai plates to hardbody chicken and more, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving for local and traditional foods.

To download Spaza Eats, Uber Eats and Mr Delivery, visit HUAWEI AppGallery.