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Discovery Health collaborates with RecoMed to boost vaccine roll-out

Johannesburg, 14 Oct 2021

RecoMed, the largest online healthcare booking platform in South Africa, and Discovery Health, South Africa’s foremost medical scheme administrator, have been working together to assist in the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

RecoMed’s innovative technology platform enables digital patient bookings into healthcare facilities around South Africa, driving new business for healthcare providers. RecoMed’s unique combination of industry-wide integrations and experience working with various healthcare provider groups has positioned it as the leader in the healthcare bookings market.

“In partnership with Discovery Health, we’ve led the way in health tech innovation in South Africa. The imperative to rapidly enable the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines motivated us to support Discovery Health in their vaccine booking efforts by creating a customised platform for their use and integration. This platform went live in June 2021,” comments RecoMed CEO Sheraan Amod.

Dr Ronald Whelan, Chief Commercial Officer at Discovery Health, says: “Discovery’s Connected Care application for members already connects members to a range of healthcare services, enabling seamless and convenient end-to-end healthcare journeys. RecoMed integrates into the Connected Care application, giving members the ability to make online bookings for their COVID-19 vaccination and appointments with a range of doctors and other healthcare providers.”

With over 500 000 online vaccination bookings processed since June, Discovery continues to offer the platform to its clients today. “Our platform plays a key role in managing the booking software for all Discovery vaccination sites across South Africa,” explains Amod. “This includes assisting Discovery Health with site set-up, operational tools to manage the site bookings daily, managing changes to member bookings and providing detailed site reporting nationally.”

“Discovery set up vaccination sites to support the national COVID-19 mass vaccination programme and to assist Discovery clients as well as members of the public, more broadly, with convenient access to vaccinations. There are currently nine Discovery vaccination sites operational nationwide,” comments Whelan.

“Online technology is enjoying a drastic growth in popularity and customer adoption, not least as a result of the restrictions imposed by lockdowns and the need to work and operate remotely,” Amod points out. “The user-friendly platforms and applications we have developed greatly facilitate this evolution and suit people’s lifestyles, enabling them to interact 24/7 from wherever they are situated, by phone, PC or tablet. For instance, we find that 70% of patient bookings occur after hours.”

RecoMed was the natural choice for Discovery Health, not only because of its leadership in the online healthcare marketplace, but also because it already powers online bookings for healthcare practices across South Africa and for other Discovery businesses, including Discovery Vitality, Discovery Insure and Discovery Stores.



RecoMed is the largest and fastest growing online healthcare marketplace and booking platform in South Africa.Patients can easily book appointments with a diverse selection of healthcare practitioners in their area instantly and privately from a phone, tablet, or PC, 24/7. RecoMed is like “ for healthcare”.

RecoMed’s drives more patient volume to healthcare practices by integrating several patient booking channels into its industry wide platform, such as web search, medical aids and life insurers. Patients and organisations use RecoMed as a seamless booking solution into over 2 500 public or private facing medical doctors, allied health professionals and pharmacy clinics around the country.

RecoMed powers over 200 000 healthcare bookings every month. Visit for more information. 

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