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Disruptive Technologies now available in SA

Johannesburg, 27 Jul 2023

We are excited to announce that we are taking our best-in-class sensors to the South African market in a strategic partnership with IoTdc. This collaboration will bring the complete Disruptive Technologies suite of smart sensors for facilities and asset management to South Africa, enabling businesses to easily and affordably optimise their operations and embrace the internet of things (IoT) revolution.

Making South Africa smarter

Recognising the significant market potential in South Africa, we have chosen IoTdc as our certified distributor to ensure the widespread availability of our sensors. IoTdc has an exceptional reputation, an extensive network of resellers and deep industry knowledge of the markets where our products offer the most value. With our sensors in their arsenal, IoTdc will work to make South African businesses and facilities smarter.

Industry game-changer

Traditionally, implementing and maintaining sensor technology in South Africa has been costly and complex. We intend to change the game with our tiny, wireless, discreet sensors.

Who can benefit?

Changing the game with wireless, discreet sensors.
Changing the game with wireless, discreet sensors.

Together with the IoTdc team and their deep understanding of the IoT technology requirements in these markets, we aim to bring efficiency, sustainability and more data-driven decision-making to a wide variety of industries.



IoTdc is a connected technology business that offers a diverse ecosystem of world-class partners. With over 150 clients across Africa, Europe, and South America, IoTdc aims to simplify IoT device selection, solution-specific integration, data visualization, and analytics. By removing the complexity associated with IoT projects, IoTdc enables successful deployments while reducing initial costs.

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