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DocFusion's enterprise batch platform: A new way for enterprises to manage, run and analyse large batches of complex documents

Today's large enterprises need document processing tools that go beyond traditional batch processing software.

Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2024
DocFusion’s batch processing system provides enterprises with insight into their bulk processes.
DocFusion’s batch processing system provides enterprises with insight into their bulk processes.

Batch processing is nothing new. In fact, the first instance of batch processing dates back to 1890, when an electronic tabulator was used to record information for the United States Census Bureau. 

Born out of the need to handle and process vast quantities of documents in an automated, organised and streamlined way, this early form of batch processing laid the groundwork for managing extensive document-based tasks. From there, batch tools developed into more sophisticated systems, incorporating technologies to address the growing complexity and diversity of documents.

Today, these early and traditional batch processing tools, while stable in their basic mass processing capabilities, do not sufficiently address the modern enterprise’s complex needs, such as advanced error handling with minimal disruption, reduced manual intervention, integration with various data sources and analytical capabilities to derive insights from the processed data. Additionally, modern batch processing systems are designed to alleviate the workload on core applications during peak hours, ensuring that performance issues are mitigated and operational efficiency is maintained. DocFusion’s advanced enterprise batch platform was designed to meet the complex and dynamic needs of contemporary enterprises.

Here’s how DocFusion’s enterprise batch platform elevates traditional batch processing tools:

Advanced error handling and recovery

In institutions such as banks and insurance firms, where large batches of critical financial and customer data are processed, errors can have substantial consequences. 

Errors can halt the entire batch, leading to delays and the need for rerunning the process from the start. This not only consumes time and resources, but also increases the risk of additional errors and data inconsistencies.

DocFusion’s batch platform ensures fail-safe operations, allowing for the real-time inspection and repair of failed batches. Its system not only detects and logs errors, but also provides advanced mechanisms for simultaneous correction and recovery. This ensures uninterrupted processing and maintains data integrity, even in complex scenarios.

The reduction – or elimination – of manual intervention means processing time is faster, while the likelihood of human-induced errors is significantly reduced.

Detailed reports for analytics and insights

Modern enterprises require analytical capabilities to gain insights from their data for data-driven insights, risk management and compliance, and to better personalise the customer experience.

DocFusion’s batch processing system provides enterprises with insight into their bulk processes. Detailed reports on batches provides visibility into bulk document processes, which helps enterprises understand processing trends, error patterns and other valuable metrics.

In addition, administrators can access a user-friendly dashboard for batch type, batch and batch item management, simplifying complex and time-consuming administrative tasks.

Scalability and flexibility

Today’s financial services sector is rapidly growing – in complexity, size and volume.

Enterprises require batch processing systems to be capable of scaling operations to accommodate business growth and fluctuating demands, maintaining performance levels irrespective of workload increases.

DocFusion’s batch platform is built for this. It offers a dynamically scalable architecture that expands to meet increasing data volumes and complex processing requirements.

Using cloud-based technologies and advanced algorithms, DocFusion's system ensures that performance is optimised according to batch size and complexity.

Advanced integration capabilities

Unlike the rigid architecture that underpins many traditional batch processing systems, the DocFusion batch platform’s modular design allows for easy integration with existing systems and emerging technologies.

Because financial institutions in particular often deal with data from various sources, the batch processing system must seamlessly integrate with different data sources, ensuring that all data is accurately processed and errors are consistently managed across different types of data and formats.

DocFusion’s integration ability allows enterprises to experience minimal disruption when upgrading or modifying enterprise systems so they can stay agile and responsive.

Inspiring efficiency through innovation

DocFusion’s mission is to drive innovation that improves lives and promotes sustainability. With the batch processing feature, the company is simplifying document generation, saving valuable time and resources, and contributing to a more efficient way of working.

DocFusion’s recent innovations enable enterprise organisations to efficiently process high volumes of extremely large and complex documents, while maintaining visibility and control over batch processes, and even recovering from errors without the need to rerun entire batches.

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