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Don’t let IT asset disposal become a headache for your company

Johannesburg, 23 Jan 2024
Universe Direct prioritises secure asset disposal.
Universe Direct prioritises secure asset disposal.

With a distinguished 26-year history in IT asset disposal (ITAD), Universe Direct proudly maintains full compliance with the POPI Act, assuring responsible handling of your company’s sensitive data. Its extensive clientele boasts renowned entities such as Dell Financial Services, ABSA, BAT, Old Mutual, PWC, ENS, NPA and educational institutions such as CPUT and Stellenbosch University.

Founder Andrew Craig emphasises the company's role as the primary refurbisher for Dell Financial Services, performing a robust chain of processes, including detailed audits, transparent documentation, certified decommissioning, data cleansing and e-waste disposal compliance and certification (by asset tags and hard drive serial numbers).

Universe Direct is Africa's largest IT refurbisher and is conveniently situated in its 2 000m2 facility in the Westlake Business Park in Cape Town. Universe Direct provides comprehensive services throughout Africa, including data erasure and a unique staff buy-back programme, aligning with the POPI Act’s mission to ensure responsible data management. The IT Disposal POPI Act was passed in 2020 and many companies have stockpiled old assets, unsure how to dispose of them properly. Universe Direct is an expert in IT disposal and, with more than 20 years of experience, the company will dispose of your sensitive information discreetly and affordably. Depending on the age of your assets, Universe Direct could buy your dormant assets. Craig notes the company's capacity to co-ordinate charitable donations and install/support units.

In a landscape where non-compliance with the POPI Act carries severe penalties, Universe Direct stands out as a trusted partner, prioritising secure asset disposal and minimising the environmental impact of the e-waste cycle.

Contact Universe Direct for your affordable IT solution. (021) 551 6254