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Don’t propose in the dark this leap year

Johannesburg, 15 Feb 2024
Keep the lights on with Nology.
Keep the lights on with Nology.

With no end in sight to load-shedding, many South Africans face a dark romantic season, without the traditional dinner for two accompanied by suitable music and possibly followed by a romantic movie.

“Load-shedding is hugely disruptive at work and home, and not all South Africans can install generators or solar solutions to work around load-shedding,” says Pieter Geere, of value-added distributor Nology. He explains: “Solar PV systems or generators are beyond many people’s pockets. Many others live in housing complexes or apartments, where installing these alternative solutions isn’t possible.”

To help keep the lights on this February, Nology has wrapped up a bundle of recommended power solutions that don’t require solar panels or generators.

Geere says: “We assessed solutions for their ease of use, performance and affordability, and have made a list of product recommendations ideally suited to most South Africans’ daily needs. Our bundle of power solutions will allow people to continue watching their favourite TV shows, connect to WiFi, keep working or gaming, and keep the lights on without even noticing that load-shedding is happening.”

Nology’s ideal load-shedding solutions include:

Netogy UPS100 Plus Mini 14400mAh DC UPS

For uninterrupted connectivity during load-shedding, the UPS100 Plus has a 100W output capacity to power multiple devices simultaneously, keeping both the fibre ONT and WiFi router up and running. It delivers stable operation with automatic battery mode activation for uninterrupted power. It also serves as a power bank with two USB ports.

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Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station 600W 268Wh

The Bluetti EB3A 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Station features multiple power outlets and USB ports, allowing you to charge various devices simultaneously. It can even power a small refrigerator. This solution can be charged on turbocharging mode via a wall socket, using a 12V or 24V car cigarette lighter, or by using the Bluetti folding PV solar panel – making it ideal for camping, or for backup in extended periods without electricity.

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Vilo 5 WiFi Mesh System

Vilo 5 Mesh WiFi System – three routers to cover your entire home, eliminating dead zones and providing reliable internet access to every corner of the home. With Vilo WiFi Mesh, you can stay connected, stream your favourite shows and continue working without disruption, regardless of power outages. Setting up the system is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly mobile app. With Bark parental control, parents can ensure a safe and secure online experience for their children.

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Don't let load-shedding dim your celebrations. Visit our website to become a reseller, learn more about our load-shedding solutions and brighten up your romantic season.

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