DotModus drives dynamic growth for SA Taxi

Digital dashboard provides real-time data analytics solution for 22 000 taxis.

Johannesburg, 08 Sep 2021
SA Taxi Taxipreneur Mpho (Courtesy of
SA Taxi Taxipreneur Mpho (Courtesy of

DotModus, a Dynamic Technologies group company, has developed a digital dashboard solution for SA Taxi that analyses the movement of 22 000 minibus taxis across the country, enabling reduced operational costs and risks, optimised taxi journeys, and an increased return on investment. 

SA Taxi manages its growing fleet of minibus taxis with financing, insurance and mechanical support, which requires rapid extraction of analytics from real-time data to enable the company and its taxi operators to run more effectively and efficiently.

It’s a win-win-win system, for SA Taxi, taxi operators and drivers, as well as the passengers. Stuart Wilson, Business Intelligence Manager, SA Taxi, says: “For the business, live tracking and insights enable a step change in operational performance and risk management. In addition, costs and risk to passenger safety are reduced, and safety is further improved by monitoring of driver compliance to routes and maintenance terms.”

The situation prior to this comprehensive solution had been dire, with a system that was limited in terms of the batch processing method used to receive and present the data, and technology that was often unstable. Data was processed on a schedule that resulted in lengthy delays from the time it was generated to the stage at which we were able to glean insights from the data.

SA Taxi’s vehicles reach 25 million locations a day, requiring technology that analyses every point, every second of the day, to understand the taxis’ journeys, and to ensure they are safe and travelling where they are meant to.

DotModus presented a solution that is stable and reliable, and able to handle the massive data set, provide endless data analysis capabilities, and deliver a real-time platform that adapts to SA Taxi’s changing needs – and SA Taxi jumped at the opportunity.

Thomas Fowler, CEO of DotModus, says: “We were able to improve the performance of the application stack for SA Taxi by using a number of Google Cloud’s managed services. The new system allows the streaming of data at any desired rate, as well as a focus on what the data is saying, rather than on the infrastructure on which the solution had to run. This is a data and analytics solution that will future-proof SA Taxi’s vehicle and account intelligence for years to come.”

Wilson notes the partnership with DotModus is a powerful one. “Previously our technology limited us, but where we stand now with our DotModus digital dashboard, we are limited only by our imagination.” 


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