Dr Solomon's Magic Bullet - free with M-Web!

Johannesburg, 31 Aug 1998

Peace of mind now included in the Big Black Box

M-Web customers will be able to surf the 'net with peace of mind, thanks to the free Dr Solomon's magic bullet now included in the Big Black Box - M-Web's Internet starter kit. With 17,000 viruses already in existence, Dr Solomon's software, the worldwide leader in computer virus detection, identification and removal, provides you with the ammunition to combat viruses.

Virus infections can result in loss of data and leave your PC inoperable - and the threat changes daily as new viruses are written. With the free magic bullet in the Big Black Box, you can fix and remove any virus infections found during the scan - from Wazzu to Copycap to the dreaded CIH! Andrew Milne, General Manager: Connect at M-Web commented: "Computer viruses are no joke. From merely annoying to downright devastating, viruses are bad news, and most people who use a computer will have to deal with their effects at one time or another. The Dr Solomon's magic bullet free inside M-Web's Big Black Box can help you to fight back!"

Andrew Brown of Dr Solomon's added: "Viruses can be very dangerous and can modify user`s documents, damage system files or password-protect documents. Dr Solomon's Magic bullet detects and removes viruses at the time of scanning and, for continuous protection, Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit is available at all major software stores."

M-Web's Big Black Box includes all the information, guidelines and software users need to get connected. Users simply follow the step-by-step installation guide in the Box and then call the toll free number, 08000 3 2000, to get online. All new subscribers get free Internet access for 30 days. Dr Solomon's products are backed by anti-virus research teams.


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