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New app aims to use blockchain to streamline explicit legal consent

LegalFling app enters consenting participants into a legal contract, or a Live contract, prior to engaging in sexual acts.

Crypto-currency trading site launches in SA

Coindirect goes live in the country ahead of its global rollout sometime this year.

Seven regulatory challenges for the telecom industry

Strand Consult discusses the top challenges, not only for operators but regulators as well.

WEF tackles financial inclusion

The World Economic Forum's new financial inclusion metrics will help the world's unbanked access digital payments, savings accounts and loans.

WhatsApp to allow business accounts


The move brings the free service closer to a plan that would make money for its corporate parent, Facebook.

App aims to ease property inspections


New app from Preferental allows renters real-time virtual inspections from anywhere in the world, says CEO Ross Fitzcharles.

MS Office vulnerabilities used to spread Zyklon malware


Zyklon has full backdoor capabilities, including keylogging, password harvesting and stealing confidential data, says FireEye.

Cyber security top of mind for WEF elite

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report for 2018 ranks cyber attacks, a deteriorating geopolitical landscape and environmental risks among the top worries for the coming year.

Cyber bullying monitoring site makes its debut


KidTech launches to help parents identify whether their children are victims of cyber bullying.

Facebook wants everyone to join the Watch Party


The world's largest social media platform introduces a new feature that lets multiple people watch the same live video.

Deal allows simultaneous company, domain name registry

A partnership now makes it possible to register a new company and its equivalent domain name at the same time.

YouTube again revises rules to protect advertisers


Google attempts to protect advertisers on its YouTube user channels from being associated with videos featuring offensive content.

Online map shows CT water usage per household

As Day Zero looms ever closer, the City of Cape Town develops an online water map that shows the water usage of all free-standing houses.