First commercial 5G rollouts in 2018: Ericsson

North America is expected to lead the uptake, with all major US operators planning to roll out 5G between late 2018 and mid-2019.

Apps aim to match clients with beauty salons


Former IT director Thuli Hlongwane hopes the Prim-U and Primlancer apps will create more entrepreneurs and more jobs.

Cwele to chair global satellite body


South Africa gets the nod from the satellite organisation, as telecoms and postal services minister Siyabonga Cwele is elected as chairperson.

FTTH and FTTB: What it means for your business

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Business (FTTB) are game changers, in that it means a lot more than just having a faster way to stream video services like Netflix and Showmax. This roundtable looks at how fibre will affect business and the country at large.

Kaspersky debuts fraud prevention solutions

Businesses need to improve the security of online transactions without negatively affecting user experience, it says.

Vumatel suitor foresees fibre market consolidation


Although there are many players in the market, in future the industry will consolidate, says Community Investment Ventures Holdings.

Google I/O: as told by a developer


Google announced ML Kit at the developer conference, which cuts across much of its software offerings on Android and Web, says Mike Geyser, R&D lead at BBD.

Seacom upgrades network capacity


The company increases its subsea cable network capacity by 500Gbps to reach 1.5Tbps.

UJ introduces 100% online degrees

The new online programmes are part of UJ's strategy to create a learning ecosystem that aligns with international benchmark institutions.

Minister pins hopes on new ICT companies


Despite government's poor reputation in running companies, the telecoms ministry is confident establishing two new state-owned ICT companies bodes well for the country.

Tanzania orders unregistered bloggers to remove sites


The East African country instructs all unregistered bloggers and online forums to immediately suspend their Web sites or face criminal prosecution.

Post office e-commerce hub in the works

The South African Post Office looks to put legacy struggles behind it, as it pursues e-commerce as a growth opportunity.

Vodacom misused 'best network' claim

8 Jun

The Advertising Standards Authority rules that Vodacom cannot use the phrase: "SA's best network for three years in a row" in its advertising.