DVT celebrates 25th anniversary

Johannesburg, 15 May 2024
Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT, and Chris Wilkins, founder of DVT and now CEO of Dynamic Technologies.
Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT, and Chris Wilkins, founder of DVT and now CEO of Dynamic Technologies.

DVT, a global custom software and data engineering company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Since its founding in 1999 in Cape Town, DVT has expanded its presence globally and fostered long-term customer relationships with its commitment to service, innovation and excellence.

Jaco van der Merwe, CEO of DVT, reflects on the journey: “Joining DVT in 2005 was a pivotal moment personally and professionally. Back then, we were a small team with big dreams. Today, I am proud to see those dreams have materialised and propelled us to new heights while maintaining our core ethos of genuinely caring for our people and clients.”

Over the past quarter-century, DVT has achieved numerous milestones, from opening its Johannesburg office in 2004, reaching a staff count of over 600 by 2022, to expanding operations internationally in London, the Netherlands, Ireland, Kenya and the UAE. DVT has demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience in sometimes trying times.

Reflecting on DVT’s achievements, Van der Merwe adds: “The greatest achievement for me has always been seeing our people grow. By fostering hundreds to thousands of careers, DVT has significantly impacted professional and personal development, which continues to be the backbone of our success.”

As the industry evolved, DVT has remained at the forefront of technology, embracing change in technologies such as cloud computing, UX/UI design and the integration of AI in software development. “The industry has undergone tremendous changes, but our adaptability and commitment to solving complex problems have always set us apart,” says Van der Merwe.

Chris Wilkins, founder of DVT and now CEO of Dynamic Technologies, emphasises the collaborative spirit that has fuelled the company’s growth: “The DVT journey from inception to today has been characterised by a tremendous team effort. Every single person played their part. I am just grateful that today, the fundamental ethos of working hard, being competitive and acting with integrity remains in place. DVT will continue with global growth across our core jurisdictions and is graduating from a new global player to an established and recognised provider of valuable solutions.”

As DVT looks to the future, the goal is clear. "We are not just celebrating 25 years of past success, but also gearing up for future challenges and opportunities. Our global expansion is on track, and we are excited about what the future holds," concludes Van der Merwe.



DVT's technology teams have transformed great ideas into successful software solutions for 25 years. Founded in 1999, DVT provides high-impact business software solutions to clients worldwide.

DVT’s comprehensive software solutions are delivered by high-performing Agile technology teams, including dedicated on-site or remote teams, teams co-sourced with clients, turn-key projects, or staff augmentation and professional services.

DVT's range of IT services includes custom software engineering, staff augmentation, AI solutions, digital transformation, data analytics and automation, cloud computing, and UX/UI design.

With 8 offices across the globe and over 600 specialised staff members, DVT can deliver high-quality software solutions to meet all of your IT requirements. DVT is a Dynamic Technologies group company.

Dynamic Technologies

Dynamic Technologies is a global technology group with 1 500+ staff and 8 group companies providing a comprehensive range of software and digital solutions. These include software and app development, AI, SQA and software testing, legal enterprise business solutions, data analytics, cloud services, CRM, UX/UI design, ICT skills development, and other core competencies.

Dynamic Technologies’ group companies comprise BPC Resourcing, CloudSmiths, DVT, Dynamic DNA, Emerald Consulting, Inspired Testing, Sincera, and xSMTHS. Dynamic Technologies operates across multiple industries and sectors, with offices and on-the-ground representation in the UK, Europe, US, UAE, East Africa and South Africa.

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