DXC Technology removes technical debt, achieves zero trust excellence with Appgate SDP

Johannesburg, 26 Mar 2024
DXC replaced its disparate VPNs with Appgate SDP ZTNA.
DXC replaced its disparate VPNs with Appgate SDP ZTNA.

Large multinational IT services and consulting company unifies access controls to improve network security and streamline operations.


DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) helps global companies run their mission-critical systems and operations while modernising IT, optimising data architectures and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds. The world’s largest companies and public sector organisations trust DXC to deploy services to drive new levels of performance, competitiveness and customer experience across their IT estates.

Fact sheet
Solution: Appgate SDP Zero Trust Network Access
Industry: IT services and consulting
Provider: AppGate
User: DXC Technology

Challenges and requirements:

Formed through multiple mergers and acquisitions, DXC faced a common challenge. It was operating as a collection of companies, each with its own network and access control solution that created a complex array of VPNs, needless overhead, operational challenges and security gaps. To scale the business in a secure way, DXC required a single solution to manage access across its complex IT estate and align its security strategy to zero trust principles.

Use cases

  • Enterprise network transformation
  • Streamline ZTNA and universal ZTNA
  • IP overlap


DXC replaced its disparate VPNs with Appgate SDP Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to create a universal automated secure access platform. Doing so significantly cut hands-on admin time to manage employee and third-party access from what had equated to three full-time employees to none. And provisioning user accounts decreased from four days to 30 seconds, while modifying access rights was reduced from four hours to 30 seconds.

Deploying Appgate’s direct-routed ZTNA solution also yielded significant operational and cost savings. By leveraging Appgate SDP’s multi-tunnelling capability, DXC was able to take user traffic off their network to securely transition away from MPLS connections.

DXC removed MPLS from over 600 sites, reducing overall connectivity costs by 67%, which yielded millions of dollars of savings annually. In addition, Appgate was able to address their overlapping IP space, which is common in post M&A integration and divestitures.

“Partnering with Appgate has been transformational for our organisation. Appgate’s SDP solution not only unifies our access control and security measures, but also empowers us to embrace the future of secure networking. With streamlined provisioning, enhanced security visibility and substantial cost savings, Appgate has proven to be an invaluable asset in our journey to modernise and secure our network infrastructure,” says David Nutt, Enterprise Architect at DXC Technology.

Ultimately, Appgate SDP facilitated network transformation and business enablement for DXC... outcomes that far exceeded the primary goal of unified access control, so DXC users can connect, collaborate and work securely on any device, anytime and anywhere.


  • Quick time-to-value with full ZTNA implementation in just 120 days for a 100k-plus user base.
  • Reduced time to modify user access from four hours to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced the time to provision user access from four days to 30 seconds.
  • Removed over 600 MPLS sites resulting in a 67% reduction in overall connectivity costs.
  • Created a café-style WiFi network to securely access hybrid resources.

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Appgate is the market leader in Zero Trust Network Access and online fraud prevention. Appgate products include Appgate SDP for universal ZTNA, Appgate Fraud Protection for safeguarding online digital brands and preventing fraud, and Appgate Threat Advisory Services for offensive threat hunting. Appgate protects thousands of organizations and government agencies worldwide, including 10% of the Fortune 1000. Learn more at www.appgate.com.

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