Dynamic Technologies spots new Talent

The software and technology group has acquired a majority stake in people specialists Dynamic Talent, in recognition of its effective and unusual business model.

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2019

Software and technology group Dynamic Technologies has acquired a majority stake in people specialists Dynamic Talent.

Dynamic Talent provides a no-fuss talent acquisition and human resource (HR) solution. The business was established in 2016 by current Managing Director Candice Clark.

“It’s hard to prove we are different until you work with us,” says Clark. “Our industry has low barriers to entry and is littered with agencies claiming to be charming and unique.

“Our approach is practical, and we simply find companies the skills they need. We provide a standalone, outsourced HR and talent acquisition service, or we can augment an existing internal function,” says Clark.

“Our team operates in a distributed model, allowing us to establish far-reaching networks in a range of niche technology stacks. We have access to some of the best talent South Africa has to offer.”

“Dynamic Talent’s effective and unusual business model gives our clients a new way to find skilled staff and set them up for success,” says Chris Wilkins, CEO, Dynamic Technologies Group. “Dynamic Talent offers a competitive solution and is already an asset to our group.”

Dynamic Talent is one of 14 group companies within the Dynamic Technologies group. The group has 1 100 staff, with offices and representation in the UK, US, Europe and SA providing digital and technology solutions.