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Easily launch, manage, monetise your international IOT business

Make things simple with one SIM, one platform, one global IOT network.

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2023
Manage your connected business on a global scale.
Manage your connected business on a global scale.

execMobile can streamline your global data connectivity – we offer wireless solutions designed to provide reliable, secure and continuous internet connectivity for devices where they are located.

At the heart, we offer a central online management portal that optimises network performance, redundancy and reporting.

One platform for international IOT management

Control your IOT-connected devices, SIMs and customers effectively with our online self-service portal. Easily manage your connected business on a global scale.

Get full visibility of your assets, wherever they are located around the world, with powerful diagnostic tools and advanced networking features. Gain insights about your devices’ usage to further develop your business.

Scale with physical or eSIMs

By 2030, there will be 14 billion eSIM-capable devices in the world. Don’t miss out on the industry transformation and choose our eSIMs for IOT or for consumers.

Virtual SIM cards enable scaling without limits, more flexibility and lower costs. Getting rid of physical SIM cards is a step towards a greener business too.

Connectivity is key to unlocking IOT value

Connected devices create substantial economic value for companies. Deploying and managing any IOT ecosystem can be challenging on the best of days with the complexities, limitations and fees of traditional carrier networks. Lack of network connectivity and plans can throw an environment into chaos trying to manage costs and mitigate security risks.

In order to reap the benefits of connected devices, enterprises need tailor-made, bullet-proof, future-ready connectivity under their control to always meet their business needs. They need a solution that is designed to provide reliable, secure and continuous internet connectivity globally.

We offer a global carrier network that provides the best of class for coverage, logistics and processes, costs, security and other features across one SIM, SKU, invoice and platform.

This superior technology combined with our solid strategic partnerships provide our customers with the perfect balance of the benefits of a local and roaming carrier. We deliver the reach of a global carrier with the quality of a local one with a single carrier that has flexible offerings, low latency and sustainability at competitive rates.



execMobile is a company that provides wireless solutions for global data connectivity. It serves various industries and use cases, such as mission critical IoT, remote workforce, fixed wireless access, medical devices, energy and utilities, payment systems, transportation and logistics, automotive, agriculture, and industry 4.0

Our heritage is the Remote Workforce

Globally connected, securely managed. Connectivity has been transforming the way people work for some time now. It has exponentially increased productivity and made working from anywhere easier than ever. It has been instrumental in connecting workers at home with enterprises.