eBook: Empowering next-gen MSPs with AIOps

Johannesburg, 21 Nov 2023
MSPs must anticipate customer needs.
MSPs must anticipate customer needs.

To survive and thrive in a competitive space, managed service providers (MSPs) must not only respond to customer needs, but anticipate them. That’s not easy in an arena where expectations are higher than ever, and environments are becoming more complex every day.

Studies predict that by 2025, more than 80% of public cloud managed and professional services deals will require both hybrid cloud and multicloud capabilities from the provider, up from less than 50% in 2020.(1) To stay ahead of the curve, you need to empower your team with the insight and automation they need to lead customers to where they should be. Many MSPs are discovering that artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) points the way forward. In this eBook, we will provide an overview of AIOps and what it can help MSPs achieve today and tomorrow.

We’ll start with a short overview of AIOps and how it enables a more observable, agile environment. We’ll walk through some of the basic building blocks of the early warning system that powers AIOps, and show how it can help you go from a reactive to a proactive organisation.

We’ll also talk about what to look for if you’re putting an AIOps platform in place. Next, we’ll talk about how you can put AIOps into play for common use cases in your environment. We’ll take a deeper dive into dynamic thresholds and root cause analysis, and the outcomes they can deliver. We will also show how forecasting can help your team streamline planning and get more out of your limited resources. Finally, we’ll discuss some new AIOps capabilities that are just over the horizon.

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