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eBook: Redefine smart cities

Smart cities are the future and the foundation of smart cities is connectivity...

Johannesburg, 13 Dec 2023
MTN is building a smart ecosystem founded on 5G private networks.
MTN is building a smart ecosystem founded on 5G private networks.

A smart city is only as smart as its connectivity. Without an intelligent connectivity plan to handle the different latency and throughput needs of various kinds of devices, a smart city project could be jeopardised from day one. MTN is therefore building a smart ecosystem, founded on 5G private networks, designed to provide dedicated infrastructure and support for any smart city project.

Around 56% of the world’s population – 4.4 billion inhabitants – live in cities. It has been estimated that the urban population will more than double its current size by 2050, at which point, nearly seven out of 10 people will live in cities. This is why cities have to get smarter.

Smart city technology can improve key quality-of-life indicators such as cost of living, safety, time, jobs, connectedness, environment and health by 10% to 30%. However, a city is only as smart as its infrastructure, so many municipalities have embarked on digital transformation journeys in order to make their cities smarter.

There are already well over 13 billion connected IOT devices around the globe, with billions more being added as smart city projects become more common. These initiatives rely on fast and secure networks that enable high-speed data processing and the supporting technologies that turn data into real outcomes. With incredibly low latency and high bandwidth capabilities, as well as exceptional security, 5G private networks are proving themselves by far the most effective connectivity solution for smart cities, ensuring that cities can handle sensors across all locations without experiencing processing issues, no matter the kind of device.

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