eBook: Service delivery excellence matrix for IT, business service delivery teams

In pursuit of service delivery excellence for your IT and business.

Johannesburg, 09 Apr 2024
Achieving excellence in service delivery.
Achieving excellence in service delivery.

With global economic headwinds looming, businesses must navigate a maze of challenges to achieve their goals. On the one hand, they seek to fulfil multiple business priorities on the strategic front. On the other hand, economic winters are pressuring businesses to take a cautious approach. In this scenario, key business leaders like CIOs are on a quest to reshape service management to derive more value from their existing technology investments.

In this e-book, we will dive deep into two critical factors of service management: service delivery ideation plus tech adoption and implementation. These can help businesses like yours manoeuvre this global economic maze. With these factors, organisations can devise a clear vision and travel this path with the right technology to achieve excellence in service delivery.

Here’s what lies in store for you:

  • Understanding the two essential factors, service delivery ideation plus tech adoption and implementation, that shape your service delivery excellence strategy.
  • Digging deep into the various maturity levels of IT and business service delivery in an enterprise.
  • Charting an apt path to ensure well-rounded growth in the quality of service delivery for your business.

We’ll begin by diving further into the components that constitute these two factors within the larger ITSM and business context and by discovering the relationships between them.

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