eBook: The CISO’s guide to API security

Strategies for preventing data breaches, shadow APIs, abuse and other common challenges.

Johannesburg, 12 Oct 2023
APIs are seen as a soft target.
APIs are seen as a soft target.

Explosive growth in APIs is leaving security teams behind

APIs present exciting business opportunities to deliver products faster and improve customer experience. Now, security leaders have to balance securing their APIs, on top of their web apps, without slowing down innovation.

In recent years, data breaches and leaks through APIs have made news headlines – including JustDial in India, LinkedIn and Twitter in the social media space, and even T-Mobile.

Why is this the case? Unfortunately, attackers often see APIs as a ‘softer target’ than an organisation’s core web applications. And without proper API management, this assumption often proves true. 

Modern CISOs recognise the need for consolidating web application and API security. They need to secure customers’ sensitive data while enabling business operations across web app and API properties.

Customer trust is at stake, after all.

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