eGovernment: is South Africa on track?

eGovernment today is changing the quality of service delivery to people around the world
But is South Africa on track?

Johannesburg, 09 Feb 2016

In its forthcoming CA IT Management Symposium* scheduled to take place on the 25th February at Vodaworld in Johannesburg, CA Southern Africa will explore the challenges faced by the public sector and unveil the solutions necessary for successful eGovernment.

CA Southern Africa executive, public sector, Gordon Hayden asks are we making progress here in South Africa?

"Some national and local government departments have very successfully reached citizens through the Internet, one example is eFILING. But many have some way to go in embracing eGovernment as a platform to reach the greater population. It all about the app and its ability to reach citizens in whatever channel they choose. The CA Symposium 2016 aims to provide insight into the key concepts of the application economy and digital transformation. This is what's powering business today," says Hayden.

He adds that the platform on which eGovernment operates can make or break citizens' experience with Government applications. "This platform must perform effectively, be always available and ensure that citizen information is secure. CA Southern Africa has the key building blocks required to facilitate and underpin a successful eGovernment platform and these will be revealed at the conference.

"It must start with the successful management of the IT infrastructure and software assets to allow for the effective management of this platform. Critically, the platform needs the expectations of all stakeholders, departments and citizens, to be met and so service management is also crucial. The securing of a person's identity is a concern for all and the eGovernment discussion at the Symposium will cover what is required from security perspective."

Hayden says many government departments have difficulty embracing the application economy due to the lack of a suitable platform of their own. "CA Southern Africa will demonstrate an affordable cloud platform that allows for the fast deployment of government applications for citizens. This track will provide useful insights into the key components required in building and maintaining an effective eGovernment platform."

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