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Eight practical tech gadgets to help improve productivity at the office this winter

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2024
Stay productive in winter.
Stay productive in winter.

With winter here, productivity in the office may have taken a bit of downward turn, but perhaps these tech gadgets could help.

From cutting-edge devices that seamlessly blend analogue and digital note-taking, to ergonomic accessories that promote comfort and focus, the modern office can use technology to boost output and minimise distractions.

In this press release, we've chosen eight highly practical tech gadgets we think have the potential to enhance productivity at the office.

1. Portable monitor

If you've become accustomed to using a second screen, working without one is incredibly frustrating. Especially if you are a hybrid employee or need to travel for work. A portable monitor can help solve this problem.

A portable monitor allows for better multi-tasking, making it easier to have multiple windows/applications open simultaneously – no matter where you choose to work. This boosts efficiency when juggling various tasks or referencing multiple documents.

The Arzopa Full HD 1080P Portable Monitor is a fantastic option. It weighs just 920g and is only 9.3mm thick, making it easy to carry. This monitor supports multiple devices and features two USB ports and a mini-HDMI port.

2. Cable organiser

If cables and chargers are causing a tangled and cluttered mess at your desk, you need a cable organiser. It can help to keep cables neatly bundled and organised, reduce safety risks and save time and irritation.

The Orico Cable Clip 5 Slot is so affordable and practical, you could have more than one on your desk and get a couple to use at home too. It can accommodate five cables, each with up to 5mm in diameter. Its adhesive backing and flexible silicone material make it easy to install and accommodate various cable arrangements.

3. Digital notebook

Do you love making notes by hand? We do too, but keeping notes together or finding a specific line in a pile of them can sometimes be a pain. Plus, it is not very "green". But what if you could combine the lovely feel of taking notes by hand with the accessibility of the digital world?

A digital notebook like the Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook could be a great way to enhance organisation and collaboration in the office.

It is a re-usable, eco-friendly notebook that combines the classic pen-and-paper experience with modern digital capabilities. Its scan-and-erase functionality provides an endlessly re-usable canvas, while the Rocketbook app ensures your notes are digitised, searchable and accessible from anywhere.

4. Noise cancelling headphones

The office can be a noisy and distracting place. Noise-cancelling headphones help block out these sounds, allowing you to remain focused on your work without interruptions. When taking calls or participating in virtual meetings, noise-cancelling headphones prevent your voice from becoming the office distraction. Furthermore, the improved audio clarity and noise isolation provided by these headphones can help you concentrate better on cognitive tasks.

We think the Skullcandy Hesh ANC Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones is one of the best. The Hesh ANC prioritises wireless simplicity by packing premium noise cancellation, lengthy battery life, convenient controls and portability into an affordable package.

5. Temperature control mug

A cold cup of tea can really not be anyone’s cup of tea (mind the pun), can it? Especially in winter. Imagine a warm beverage that stays warm until the very last satisfying sip? Temperature control mugs not only eliminate the need to frequently reheat or remake drinks, but also allow you to stay focused on your work without interruptions.

We love the Lucky Ceramic Mug Set with Smart Warming Plate, which keeps drinks at an optimal 55°C, constantly. The automatic gravity sensor turns the warming plate on when the mug is placed on it and off when removed.

6. Charging pad

What's the charging situation at your desk looking like? If you are taking turns charging your devices, a charging pad like the Moov 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charger could be a brilliant problem solver for your Apple devices. With the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you'll save time and hassle. The stand also allows you to view your iPhone hands-free while it charges, making it easier to multitask or reference information during calls or meetings.

Added to this, its compact and lightweight foldable design makes it highly portable.

7. Ergonomic mouse

If you spend a significant time using a mouse, an ergonomic mouse is a good idea to help maintain comfort, reduce the risk of strain and improve productivity and well-being in the workplace.

The Logitech Lift is ideal because its vertical design and contoured shape promotes a natural forearm and wrist posture, minimising awkward bending and muscle strain. Its textured grip and thumb rest allow your hand to rest in a relaxed position, reducing fatigue and discomfort, while the upright angle encourages an improved arm, wrist and shoulder alignment.

8. Time management tool

Battling with proper time management? Switching your phone to flight mode and wearing headphones can help, but sometimes you need more. For time-related tasks, a time management tool could work wonders. By setting specific time blocks, you can prioritise important work and avoid procrastination. Time management tools also promote better organisation and efficiency by enabling you to plan your day effectively.

A great option is the 60-Minute Visual Countdown Timer; simply adjust the time by turning the dial clockwise. To turn it off, turn back to zero. It's that easy. is a domain name and web hosting provider that's passionate about SMEs and technology. We make it our business to research and implement the latest and greatest technology for the products and services we offer. Our WordPress Hosting is a great example of this.

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