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Elevate your cyber security knowledge: Three key reasons to attend KB4-CON EMEA

Johannesburg, 24 Oct 2023
Don't miss KB4-CON EMEA.
Don't miss KB4-CON EMEA.

KnowBe4, which positions itself as the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is excited to host the third annual virtual cyber security conference, KB4-CON EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), on 7 November. This event presents an incredible opportunity for CISOs, security awareness and cyber security professionals to come together and gain valuable insights.

Here are three compelling reasons you should attend KB4-CON EMEA 2023:

Learn from the best

KB4-CON EMEA brings together industry experts and thought leaders who will share their knowledge and expertise during insightful sessions. The event features renowned speakers, including Stu Sjouwerman (KnowBe4 CEO), Rachel Wilson (Managing Director and Head of Cybersecurity at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management), Christina Lekati (Senior Social Engineering Consultant and Trainer at Cyber Risk) and Anna Collard (SVP Content Strategy and Evangelist for KnowBe4 Africa).

Wilson’s talk: “Risks and threats from the cyber security frontlines,” will provide first-hand experiences of cyber security threats and strategies employed by top experts to stay ahead of adversaries. Lekati will deliver a session on: “Mastering the art of targeted social engineering attacks,” offering valuable lessons and defensive strategies to combat social engineering attacks.

Christina Lekati (left) and Rachel Wilson (right).
Christina Lekati (left) and Rachel Wilson (right).

Collard’s session will explore how our human brains struggle to cope with the challenges of modern life, including distractions, overstimulation and information overload, all of which contribute to falling victim to cyber risks.

All sessions will provide valuable insights into the latest cyber security trends, strategies and challenges.

It’s free to attend

KB4-CON EMEA is a free virtual event, making it accessible to everyone. This allows professionals from different regions to take part with no financial barriers. Everyone can take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance their cyber security knowledge and network with industry leaders while incurring no costs.

Virtual networking with industry professionals

Besides the informative sessions, KB4-CON EMEA offers a platform for virtual networking. This conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with CISOs, security awareness experts and cyber security professionals from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

By engaging in discussions and exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals, you can expand your professional network and foster meaningful connections within the cyber security community.

“It will be exponentially useful for our audience to hear real-world examples of the latest methods of cyber attacks from some of the industry’s leading experts,” said Sjouwerman, who will also host an interactive “Ask Me Anything” session with KnowBe4 CPO Greg Kras. “I encourage customers and partners alike to attend this event at no cost to help enhance their knowledge and foster a strong security culture.”

Since its inaugural event in 2021, KB4-CON EMEA has been a tremendous success, with attendance for the 2022 event increasing by 67% compared to the first event. KB4-CON EMEA is an extension of the equally successful KB4-CON US. Register now for this free virtual event and take your cyber security expertise to new heights.