ELO Digital Office to showcase transformative ECM platform in Jhb

Johannesburg, 13 Mar 2024
Kevin Nono, CEO of ELO Digital Office Africa.
Kevin Nono, CEO of ELO Digital Office Africa.

ELO Digital Office, which positions itself as a leading international provider of enterprise content management software, will showcase its transformative enterprise content management (ECM) platform to business decision-makers in Johannesburg this month, at the first of a series of ECM executive breakfast events.

ELO’s platform sets new standards in technology, digital collaboration and integration of systems, helping organisations to digitalise and automate their processes; standardise, secure and analyse data more effectively; and optimise resources and cut costs.

Kevin Nono, CEO of ELO Digital Office Africa, says: “There are other solutions which are said to offer enterprise content management; however, ELO offers a uniquely advanced, integrated platform approach to ECM. This starts with efficient capturing, storing and securing of information. Once documents have been saved, standardised and secured, organisations can start using and monetising them. Organisations can do this with the help of our intelligent management and analytics tools in one integrated, agile and scalable platform, instead of having multiple applications trying to achieve this one goal. In addition, we also partner with providers of technologies such as blockchain. With ELO ECM, organisations become custodians of their information. Therefore, the biggest benefit and advantage of ELO being that the entities can make accurate decisions from centralised data from an advanced platform.”

Nono says ELO ECM addresses challenges many organisations didn’t even realise they had: “With ELO ECM, organisations save time and money. It paves the way for them to become truly digital enterprises, which automatically improves efficiency and productivity.”

He notes that the ELO ECM platform’s agility and flexibility allows organisations to start small and move along their digitalisation at their own pace. “It can start small, in key areas of the organisation, until it all comes together,” he says. “Our unique approach means we don’t work outside of the people, we work with the people. In fact, ELO ECM is so easy to use that organisations develop their own solutions to enhance processes they already have. We simply guide them during the process of configuring their systems. This means every ELO ECM solution is unique and meets the needs of each organisation where it is deployed.”

The ELO Digital Office Africa ECM breakfast for business executives and decision-makers will be held at The Venue, in Morningside, Sandton, on 26 March. Delegates will see the ELO ECM platform in action and discover how ELO can help transform their organisations. To register for this event, go to