eNatis posts new records

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By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 09 Nov 2007

After a shaky start around Easter this year, the Department of Transport`s (DOT) electronic National Traffic Information System (eNatis) is now - according to government - setting new records for reliability.

The vehicle and licensing system handled 13 501 516 transactions during October, an increase of 18.7% compared to September. The system also set a new one-day record, on 25 October, when 784 747 transactions were completed.

On the same date, a new record was set for daily interface transactions (420 530), while 7 480 reports were executed on 10 October - also a new record.

Interface transactions are those performed on other computer systems (such as those of the police, vehicle manufacturers, banks and insurance companies) that have interfaces to eNatis, and the reports executed are utilised for, among others, financial reconciliations and audits.

Transactions performed during October included 74 674 learner`s licence authorisations, 159 822 driving licence card orders, 96 167 vehicle record introductions, 303 583 vehicle registrations and 884 554 vehicle licensing transactions. In addition, 10 371 reports were executed on the system.

"As in the preceding month, system availability was once again 100% during business hours," DOT eNatis project manager Werner Koekemoer says.

The Johannesburg user group performed the most transactions (809 146), followed by the City of Cape Town (648 221), Pretoria (565 796), Durban (326 719) and Port Elizabeth (183 348).

With 106 070 transactions, Mercedes Benz SA was the most active vehicle manufacturer/importer using a system-to-system interface with eNatis. It was followed by Volkswagen SA (67 265), Toyota SA (53 678), General Motors SA (50 761) and BMW SA (42 357).

"The performance of eNatis has once again been outstanding, and no system problems were experienced during peak volume periods," adds Koekemoer.

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