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Endpoint security essentials for the C-suite

An executive's digital dilemma: With great tech comes greater risks.

Johannesburg, 10 Apr 2024
Cyber threats are hurting businesses worldwide.
Cyber threats are hurting businesses worldwide.

As our reliance on digital systems and technology increases exponentially, only cyber attacks have outpaced this massive surge – in terms of both scale and severity. Digital transformation is inevitable, but what surprises us the most is that it has been catalysed by the pandemic. Two years after we've entered the new normal, thought leaders and the C-suite are still grappling with the next biggest hurdle in innovation – rising cyber threats and the inability to plug security gaps in business.

Cyber threats are an unnecessary by-product of digital everything, hurting businesses worldwide. The highest ransomware demand to date is $70 million in the REvil attack.

While IT and cyber security professionals adapt to the new normal, thriving in it amid countless cyber threats is a different game altogether. It's time for CTOs, CIOs, CISOs and business executives to get to the core of the problem, communicate and understand the key cyber security challenges in their organisation. When it comes to dealing with incidents and cyber threats, business leaders must be able to facilitate these concepts.

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