Entelect announces new chief customer officer

Daniel Manyemwe, new CCO, is uniquely positioned to support Entelect customers on their major digital initiatives in the years ahead.

Johannesburg, 25 Oct 2023
Daniel Manyemwe, Entelect’s new CCO.
Daniel Manyemwe, Entelect’s new CCO.

Entelect’s CEO, Shashi Hansjee, has announced that Daniel Manyemwe will be stepping into the role of Chief Customer Officer to drive Entelect’s mission to strengthen partnerships and lead the industry in customer service, agility and ease of business.

“Manyemwe has been with us for over a decade after joining the company in 2011. He has proven to be a highly successful leader in our business, most recently in his role as General Manager, where he has been instrumental in establishing key relationships with our most important customers and very successfully maturing our operating model.”

Hansjee added: “In particular, Manyemwe has made a direct impact on Entelect’s growth through his ability to foster relationships grounded in trust and delivery. The testament to this is the impressive number and quality of relationships which he still holds across Entelect’s client base. This makes the decision for him to join the executive team in this capacity very natural, and I look forward to his continued success.”

Manyemwe’s role as CCO will be to provide dedicated executive oversight for key customers, focusing on high-touch customer service and leading the account executive team. His expertise in end-to-end technology delivery and scale partnerships, coupled with his reach across Entelect’s capabilities, means he is uniquely positioned to support Entelect customers on their major digital initiatives in the years ahead. 



Entelect began in 2001, inspired by the vision of a technology service company that delivers quality solutions with exceptional talent. Now with over 20 years experience, Entelect offers end-to-end technology services and solutions through a set of best-practice, team-based engagement models that help their customers go from good to great.

Today, Entelect works on over 150 active projects in virtually all industries across Africa, Europe and Australasia. They have 1,500 qualified software professionals, and operate from nine global offices. Their services range from from strategy, digital transformation, and experience design to custom development, testing and data and analytics.

Entelect is a culture-first organisation and is recognised as a magnet for outstanding technology talent. Their teams are personally invested in their project outcomes. They challenge their customer’s thinking in order to gain a proper understanding of the business, and focus on engineering solutions that deliver real returns.