Entelect invests in engaging emerging talent in the workforce

Johannesburg, 08 Apr 2024
Entelect has been running its graduate programme for the past 12 years, bridging the gap from university to the workplace.
Entelect has been running its graduate programme for the past 12 years, bridging the gap from university to the workplace.

Entelect graduate programme

Since the programme started in 2012, Entelect has engaged 566 graduates at its clients – blue chip organisations in leading industries, namely banking, retail, energy, mining, insurance and wealth and asset management. By investing in these young technology professionals, Entelect is injecting a more diverse and equipped workforce into the economy that has lasting long-term benefits to both its organisation, and the clients who participate in the programme.

The programme has proven its effectiveness over the years by providing Entelect’s clients with a sustainable approach in addressing commercial, retention and knowledge-transfer challenges. On entering client teams, graduates bring an energetic and committed drive, rooted in their solid foundational knowledge. They quickly ascend to perform at the same high level as their more experienced colleagues.

Entelect’s graduates

Entelect’s graduates are top-of-class academics with an aptitude for problem-solving and have been hand-picked from South Africa’s best universities. They’ve been thoroughly screened to ensure a cultural fit, guaranteeing the best quality individuals for system development.

Their training

This graduate programme works in tandem with Entelect’s Bootcamp – two intense months of training, where graduates are exposed to real-world problems, using enterprise technologies. The programme places focus on developing the soft skills and emotional intelligence required to enter the workforce and join development teams to collaborate effectively, and manage expectations of colleagues and stakeholders. The syllabus dives into the following skills and technologies:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Cloud technologies (AWS & Azure)
  • Agile ways of working
  • Business analysis
  • Data engineering
  • User experience
  • Mobile
  • Web

All Entelect graduates made available through this programme are put through the full training syllabus, regardless of whether they are moving into the business analysis, software development, data solutions engineering or user experience engineering streams, giving them a well-rounded understanding of the full software development life cycle. 


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