Entelect strengthens Salesforce skills

Entelect continues to expand its end-to-end technology services through its growing Salesforce team.

Johannesburg, 28 Sep 2023
Entelect elevates its Salesforce expertise.
Entelect elevates its Salesforce expertise.

The Salesforce toolkit has grown significantly to become one of the most adopted and loved enterprise CRM platforms around the world.

Entelect’s Salesforce teams represent a step forward in their ability to assist customers who are introducing or expanding their Salesforce implementations, and to be better geared to offer Salesforce solutions as a component of larger technology initiatives that Entelect is frequently involved in.

Entelect’s mission is to assist customers to fully realise the potential in the Salesforce platform. This means leveraging its own in-house expertise across the technology landscape – analysis, development data, engineering and experience design – to create coherent and integrated solutions that can fully harness the promise behind the modern Salesforce modules. Entelect's certifications include Admin, Associate, Business Analyst, Sales, Service, Experience Cloud, Platform Dev 1, Platform Dev 2, Omnistudio Consultant, Omnistudio Developer and Platform App Builder.

Salesforce in Entelect’s technology landscape.
Salesforce in Entelect’s technology landscape.

Salesforce offers an integrated CRM platform that powers the entire suite of connected apps that can be leveraged to enhance customer experiences. The platform provides a collaborative way to rapidly create and manage customer experiences by keeping data in one place, and bringing together multiple departments to empower more connected teams with the same data to life.

Salesforce skills offered by Entelect:

  • Salesforce implementation

Assisting clients in adopting and setting up Salesforce for their business needs. This includes customising Salesforce to match their workflows, configuring data models and integrating with other systems.

  • Salesforce development

Providing development services to create custom applications, triggers, Apex code, Visualforce pages, Lightning components and other solutions tailored to the client's requirements.

  • Salesforce integration

Integrating Salesforce with other third-party applications and systems to ensure seamless data flow and process automation.

  • Salesforce customisation

Customising Salesforce objects, layouts, fields and business processes to align with the unique needs of the client's organisation.

  • Salesforce training and support

Comprehensive training and support services to help clients fully leverage the power of Salesforce. This involves end-user training, administrator training and ongoing support services.

In addition to the partnership, Entelect was a proud sponsor at this year’s annual Salesforce World Tour Essentials conference 2023, partaking in the exciting conversations and relationships surrounding Salesforce.