Entelect’s Experience Design practice focuses on creating immersive digital experiences

Many modern businesses are defined by the experience they offer their customers, and can succeed or fail because of it. Entelect’s Experience Design practice focuses on crafting immersive digital experiences that resonate with their clients’ customers.

Johannesburg, 02 Apr 2024
Entelect’s Experience Design practice at a recent team build.
Entelect’s Experience Design practice at a recent team build.

Entelect's practice

The practice has experienced significant growth in recent years, boasting a team of 40 designers from various backgrounds who possess wide-ranging expertise across experience design. Their skills span research, prototyping and implementation.

Being integrated within a prominent technology consultancy gives their designers a comprehensive understanding of the entire development lifecycle.

Entelect's philosophy

Entelect believes experience design is about people and focuses on the users' experiences to inform the design and functionality of products, processes, environments and strategies. By prioritising people’s experiences, designers can define value upfront and make quick, robust decisions. Experience Design offers a range of tools that aid the analysis process, meaning business analysis and technical analysis can be informed and often fast-tracked, through Entelect’s design process.

Entelect’s process hinges on close collaboration and co-creation with users, businesses and engineering teams, enabling them to not only build the best products, but more importantly, the right ones. This requires defining the problem space, ideating several possible solutions, then prototyping and testing these solutions to find the best approach. Entelect believes design processes must work in tandem with development, where user feedback drives improvement on a continuous cycle.

By immersing themselves in the users’ world with a focus on emotions, contexts and mindsets, Entelect’s designers ensure the software they craft is tailored and revolves around users’ needs.

Entelect’s experience

With a proven track record in industries such as healthcare, mining, financial services, insurance, telecommunications and banking, Entelect has designed everything from AI empowered risk management systems to patient care applications in psychiatric hospitals, which you can learn more about, here. The team excels in creating dynamic design methodologies, offering deep industry insights and ensuring delivery of intuitive, user-centric solutions across any sector.

Entelect’s journey is driven by a passion for creating meaningful connections between technology and people, shaping businesses for a more engaging digital future.


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