ESET wins 50th virus bulletin award

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 24 Jun 2008

ESET has been awarded the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin 50 times in a row, making it the only company to ever reach this milestone.

The award was given based on ESET's detection of 100% of viruses, worms and bots with zero false positives.

The first VB100 award was given in 1998, and Virus Bulletin carries out several comparatives every year, rotating its platforms between Linux, Windows, Windows servers and Novell Netware.

There are two criteria to qualify for displaying the VB100 logo. Firstly, a company needs to be able to detect all "In-the-Wild" viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning. Secondly, the company needs to generate no false positives when scanning a set of clean files.

Since 1998, ESET's anti-virus products have had a success rate of over 96%, making it the most successful in the industry. Most other anti-virus vendors have success ratios of 50% to 75%.

"With excellent detection and no false positive issues, ESET has stormed its way to a record 50th VB100 award," said John Hawes of Virus Bulletin. "The ESET installation process proved fast and efficient, and the command line scanner was a joy to operate."

"No other company can claim 50 VB100 awards, and we are very pleased to be the first," said Justin Stanford, CEO of ESET Southern Africa.