eSoft announces massive disruption to AI market with latest platform release

SA-headquartered software development house eSoft plans to release its latest AI platform TalkkLite for 2022.

Johannesburg, 18 Nov 2021

IT products and services company eSoft, specialising in AI-driven chatbot solutions, announces the launch of TalkkLite, an omni-channel AI-enabled chatbot platform that facilitates digital interaction between people and AI-controlled robots and machines, at their innovative event Talkkathon.

Using this platform, businesses will be able to design, develop and deploy their chatbots within 30 minutes, giving them a powerful digital, automated and real-time link between the business and their customers.

eSoft’s Managing Director Manali Sheth states: “We believe that the newer trends in technology, such as chatbots, should be adopted and used by everyone. TalkkLite is one of our disruptions in this space to enable higher adoption rate. TalkkLite is a simple platform that can be used by small and medium enterprises to configure their chatbots for their day-to-day queries.”

TalkkLite is an innovative service that enables users to log onto the website and develop a chatbot by leveraging pre-built templates that allow for the design of the chatbot and the option to deploy across any channel of choice, for the business.

The company’s stronghold in omni-channel is also reinforced with the offering of humanoids and digital envoys, both of which add value – depending on the use case scenario.

Humanoid robots have specific capabilities, including autonomous navigation, AI-based facial recognition and speech recognition. These capabilities make the humanoid unique. It can automate many of a business’s standard and administrative functionalities.

Humanoids and digital envoys are the best option for marketing campaigns, attracting more steps to the stores, events and conferences, digital motivators and high-end technology functions.

eSoft has developed three variants of humanoid robots and there will be more variants in the near future.

There is great demand for these applications in the hospitality industry, at airports for security, and even within the e-learning space as the education sector looks to technology to work around logistical issues.

Digital envoys or ambassadors can be personified for any of your motivators or influencers. They can be used by businesses to extend their virtual presence, engage with employees, clients and partners at any point.

In practice, these envoys could serve as first-line customer service agents. For example, ready to engage with the market at the touch of a button – not clinical or robotic, based rather on features and characteristics that are ‘human-like’ and recognisable.

As to the ongoing debate around a perceived threat of AI and robotics to people’s jobs, eSoft is adamant in the belief that this is an enhancement to human job functions. In fact, humanoids and digital envoys only serve to enhance job efficiencies and help with tasks. They are considered an asset to the overall functionality of any business operation.

CEO Shyamala Vijayanath is excited about the prospects in South Africa and Africa’s growing AI and mobile business application market. She explains that the company welcomes competition, but it will continue to leverage its established presence in the market and its core strength which is an unshakable intense focus on timely innovation and being quick to market.

eSoft’s customer, Altron Managed Solutions, which attended the Talkkathon, was impressed with the company’s innovation and passion for service delivery to help customers with 4IR technologies.

Andries Pretorius, Senior Information Technology Manager at Altron Managed Solutions, said eSoft has been a strategic partner in the provision of bot technology to increase efficiency in data management and application.

“We’ve been working with eSoft for close to over two years now. It really started off on a chatbot functionality that we required. We have a lot of technicians out on the field, who carry a lot of big manuals with error codes and diagnostics. In the industry we are in, time is of the essence, you can’t always scroll through a 300-page manual to try to find some info. So, we’ve worked with eSoft to build a chatbot for us to act as first line support. They are helping us on our various other business-critical digital transformation journeys.”


Websites, mobile applications, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google, Alexa, IVR, humanoids, digital envoy integrated with world’s top most AI platforms like Lex, Watson, Azure Machine Learning has been our standard practice to launch chatbots for our clients. Our home-grown solution Talkk.AI has accelerated our NLP and ML implementations countrywide. Enterprises are adopting the solution based on its efficiency, cost reductions, ease of implementation and quick turnaround times.

(Workflows + RPA + Integrations) + (AI) + (IM Platforms/Humanoid/Digital Envoys) = Successful Chatbots is our strong belief in Chatbots Practice.

Caryn Naidoo, Head of Operations