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Euphoria Telecom, Salesforce join forces

Cape Town, 01 Apr 2014
George Golding - CEO Euphoria Telecom
George Golding - CEO Euphoria Telecom

Euphoria Telecom has joined forces with Salesforce, the new power couple in cloud software systems. This new partnership offers more business functionality with far less effort, through seamless integration powered by the need for business efficiency and cloud technology.

Euphoria Telecom CEO, George Golding, says Euphoria's mission is to pioneer business communication solutions. "It compels us to seek out synergies and leverage existing cloud telephony systems for the benefit of our customers, the South African business owner."

He says Euphoria's decision to collaborate with Salesforce was inevitable. "Salesforce has been rated 'Most Innovative Company' by Forbes for three years running. It is a trusted, leading CRM company."

Saleforce runs a customer-centric business using technology to organise, automate and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. Technological innovation offers simple deployment, which encourages high adoption rates.

Golding says Euphoria's customers can expect nothing less. "Salesforce integrates easily with Euphoria's Enterprise package and can be installed on any system run by Windows 7 or 8."

To act on a sales opportunity from the customer's profile screen in Salesforce, users simply click the dial button to activate a call through their Euphoria account. Furthermore, notes can be easily logged, directly on the customer account during the call.

All calling actions are recorded against the customer's account and logged automatically, which means no further administration is required. Calls will also be recorded if clients opted for this service with their Euphoria account.

"There is no need to navigate between two separate systems, Euphoria provides business owners with an automated, built-in business solution that delivers efficiency so it can focus on servicing your customers better," he explains.

The advantages of using Euphoria as a member of your sales team means:

* More time to focus on closing deals
* Time saved in the record-keeping process
* More time to connect with more customers
* Less capturing errors creates more efficiencies
* More collaboration touch-points between departments
* Speed to market over your competitors
* Better customer service for higher client retention

Euphoria's Telephone Management System (TMS) reporting system is designed to monitor every possible action that has a cost and service implication on a business. Business owners are able to become expert administrators in a short period of time as a result of the easy-to-use dashboard system and remote support service available 24/7.

"Operational monitoring and business intelligence can be accessed from Euphoria's TMS system, allowing business owners to make real-time decisions that will bring maximum effect to their bottom line," Golding concludes.

For more information contact Euphoria Telecom on 087 943 4970 or e-mail or visit


Euphoria Telecom (

Euphoria Telecom is a provider of proprietary cloud PBX communication services for businesses in South Africa. The business was formed in 2010, after years of research and development towards a cloud-based PBX system that could effectively reduce overall costs significantly by doing away with expensive installation, training and support costs.

After three years of impressive growth, Euphoria Telecom offers a complete business communication solution that combines the characteristics of sophisticated PBX and call centre solutions with the ease and cost efficiency of cloud-based technology.

Euphoria Telecom is incorporated in South Africa with the corporate head office situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is owned 100% by the current management team, and the business is headed up by George Golding, Conrad De Wet and Rafal Janik.

The business has built up an impressive customer base in excess of 400 business customers.

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