Excited about artificial intelligence? Prepare for transformation

Transformation integration sets the digital foundation for AI projects, establishes access to data across modern and legacy systems and fosters the development of AI portals.

Johannesburg, 23 Aug 2023
Rethink old business processes with a digital mindset.
Rethink old business processes with a digital mindset.

Adopting AI is a clear objective for businesses seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve. But many don't realise that before a business can truly join the AI era, it must first achieve a basic level of digital transformation.

Digital transformation changes how a business operates and delivers value to customers, employees and stakeholders. It's not about swapping out old technologies for new ones; it's about rethinking old business processes with a digital mindset.

AI is the next horizon of the transformation era, and one needs a transformation foundation to reach those new possibilities. AI operates, trains and predicts through digital data, often with large volumes. Without the proper digital ecosystem, AI cannot function. Conversely, the more digitised a business is, the more data it can provide for AI to make accurate predictions.

Transformation through integration

Integration plays a critical role in digital transformation. It connects different systems, applications and data sources to work together seamlessly. This improves operational efficiency and provides a unified view of business data, crucial for informed decision-making and AI.

Integration helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation in several ways, such as automating routine tasks, facilitating real-time data sharing across different systems and leveraging existing technology investments. There is no need to scrap legacy systems, even in the AI age. Instead, bridge them intelligently with integration. Their data and processes soon become part of the new digital fabric.

Once a business has achieved a basic level of digital transformation through integration, it is ready to embark on its AI journey.

Integration helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation.
Integration helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

Integration to transformation to AI

Transformation integration requires skills, technologies and experience from technical and business perspectives. Value-driven integration starts with the 'why' and creates a strategy that helps accomplish digital transformation goals.

mWtech positions itself as a leader in transformation integration. We have helped many businesses leverage otherwise hidden legacy information for digital transformation and extended AI processing. Our clients make the most of their existing resources, unlocking the valuable data inside established business systems. Our integration solutions provide a competitive edge by enabling businesses to derive actionable insights from their legacy data and enhance the efficiency of AI systems.

We empower businesses to harness AI's full potential, driving innovation and growth. Beyond unlocking legacy data, mWtech's robust integration capabilities also aid businesses in building effective AI portals. These portals serve as centralised hubs for AI operations, facilitating seamless interaction between different AI tools and systems.

Harnessing AI's full potential.
Harnessing AI's full potential.

Start your AI journey

mWtech delivers reliable and efficient integration solutions that ensure our clients can access and utilise their vast data resources effectively. We have extensive experience across different business transformation requirements. mWtech business and technology experts can walk the entire journey with our customers. Our close alignment with vendors such as Software AG accelerates digital transformation while retaining the positive qualities of critical legacy technologies.

mWtech offers free demonstrations of our processes and customer cases, helping them choose and motivate their best modernisation steps. Contact us to learn more about mWtech services or how we use integration to improve your business's performance.

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