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execMobile now offers simpler way to deploy eSIM for iOS and Android

Johannesburg, 23 Feb 2023

execMobile, a global connectivity provider for enterprise mobility and IOT, announces its ability to now deploy eSIMs to Android devices via a simple process, which has been available for iOS since November 2020.

eSIMs allow customers to make use of execMobile’s next-generation global enterprise mobility and IOT solutions without the need to purchase a physical SIM. Older methods for deploying eSIMs to devices involved employees scanning QR codes or downloading apps – all very cumbersome and time-consuming. execMobile has changed this and can now provision eSIMs via a zero-touch approach.

How is this possible?

EID stands for “embedded identity document” – this is a serial number corresponding to the eSIM installed in newer devices, notably smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

execMobile has made it possible to simplify the eSIM deployment process for organisations by making use of these EID numbers – both for Android and iOS devices. This is a first in South Africa.

eSIM technology is changing telecoms and provides users with a secure connectivity option, on multiple networks, that can be remotely managed. Global organisations benefit the most with this ability to remotely manage, provision and deploy new eSIM subscriptions in a simple, convenient and rapid manner.

This zero-touch capability, now also available for Android devices, makes it simple for IT managers to configure devices in a fast, easy and secure manner on a large scale. Contact us to discover how we continue to delight our customers. A comprehensive list of eSIM compatible devices is available from execMobile via our sales e-mail address. Please direct all enquiries to



execMobile, founded in 2010, provides organizations with secure global mobile internet connectivity for both IoT solutions and business needs. execMobile’s solution with failover capabilities gives organizations superior and unprecedented global access to reliable and high-quality internet. Organizations can seamlessly deploy data plans across their user base, optimize connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real-time, all via our online platform.

The online platform provides cyber security protection with DDoS attack protection, botnet disruption, malware scanning and prevention, phishing prevention and real-time malicious traffic monitoring making it the most secure way to connect your workforce or IoT devices.

Enterprise customers can manage, monitor, and optimize data usage in real-time with execMobile’s powerful software platform. Gain visibility by application type and have the power to whitelist applications and limit non-business applications with the click of a button, saving money and improving compliance.