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execMobile offers local data for 'Corona-tined' workforce

Leading mobile roaming specialist execMobile now offers high-speed, low-cost local SA mobile data to assist companies’ employees to work remotely during this critical time.

Johannesburg, 18 Mar 2020

Do you need your workforce to work from home or remotely? Don’t have time to get fibre installed or don’t want to enter long-term mobile data contracts? execMobile has been helping businesses work more effectively from anywhere, at any time with its connectivity offerings. There's no more important time to get this right than now. execMobile can assist with next day delivery of our local data SIMs, offering the following benefits:

  • Dual operator network coverage
  • No long-term contracts
  • No APN, low latency Internet from the SIM
  • Pay only for the data you use
  • Lowest rates
  • Next day delivery*

Local data APNs have many pitfalls, and when they are not down, the costs of firewalls and security infrastructure often make mobile data management expensive for corporates. With the move to Cloud, execMobile offers a more efficient way for remote workers to remain connected.

We offer SIM-level cost control, with Internet directly from the SIM. It’s ideal for mobile employees needing access the cloud, or IOT devices needing reliable Internet, using local operators 3G and 4G/LTE networks.

Our SIM management platform is integrated into the local operators’ networks, offering the lowest local data rates with excellent SIM management and reporting capabilities. While it is possible to self-manage large numbers of SIM cards using one single account, companies may prefer us to easily monitor and manage their South African SIM cards on our proven online platform; we simply send you a monthly usage summary with your bill at month end. Most importantly, you only pay for the data used. Platform rates are from R7 per SIM per month.

Our data rates are the lowest in SA, with mobile data provided at the following banded usage rates:

  • Prices exclude VAT
  • Service contract length: month-to-month
  • Pay for what you use, per month
  • e.g. (6,784MB x 6.7c/MB = R454)

The key benefits of the service are summarised as:

Simplicity - No contracts and no volume commitments mean you only pay for what you need, for the duration needed.

Agile - We supply SIMs in bulk and take care of the RICA (these are South Africa-issued SIM cards and require to be RICAed) and provisioning hassle.

Reliable - We have over nine years of proven success. Built on core mobile network APIs to ensure maximum reliability. Partner with us for your SIM management and get access to fast turnaround on all support queries.

Cost-effective - Our post pay-per-use approach reduces data connectivity costs whilst pre-paid usage rules eliminate the risk of SIM abuse.

Dual Network Coverage - We offer you dual network coverage on one SIM! Two of South Africa’s best network providers (Vodacom + Telkom) provide excellent coverage and rates.

No APN! - We provide Internet directly from the SIM, which means there is less downtime when you need reliable connectivity. Reduce firewall and Internet back-haul costs today.

Usage Reporting - Report on the usage of your SIM groups or drill down to individual SIM level for detailed usage reporting. Allocate assets in groups, as needed, to ensure billing is simple and accurate.

All companies wanting to learn more regarding connectivity for enterprises, business travellers and IOT, can e-mail or call 011 575 4137.


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