IT in Banking

SA’s FinChatBot selected for New York accelerator

The local fintech start-up is one of seven selected to participate in a New York-based fintech accelerator programme.


Why banking apps crash

The agile DevOps process that they’re using doesn’t include quality control and release management across the whole.


Standard Bank’s Instant Money gains traction

The bank’s customers turn to its Instant Money offering, with a month-on-month increase of 70 000 new customers using the service.


What does the future hold for payments in SA?

Digital alternatives must be able to offer the same perceived benefits as their cash counterparts in order to successfully compete with them.


Nebula boosts operations and cost management at a major SA bank

Using OneView, Nebula identified and optimised direct and indirect costs, and provided a detailed breakdown of the bank's entire infrastructure and related costs.


Bad day for SA’s cyber security as banks suffer DDoS attacks

Just as the City of Johannesburg is hacked, SABRIC confirms that a wave of ransom-driven attacks yesterday hit local banks.


Standard Bank blames ‘hardware issues’ for outage

The bank says yesterday’s service disruption was not related to any external factors and no customer data was impacted.

22 Oct

Case study: XLink achieves milestone five years of PCI compliance, peace of mind with Galix

When XLink required certification for its milestone fifth year in a row, it turned to Galix to conduct the assessment and perform the audit process.


Gautrain readies contactless bank card tag-and-pay

As of 31 October, Gautrain commuters will be able to make contactless payments using a credit or debit card across stations, buses and parking facilities.


Dear bankers: Learn to love Libra

The attacks on Libra, Facebook’s proposed crypto-currency, reveal the financial world’s fear of losing control.

18 Oct

Nedbank to reskill employees as tech disrupts jobs

The bank will redeploy employees impacted by digitisation, saying job losses through retrenchment will be the last resort.