IT in Banking

Robotics makes banking accessible

Facilitating financial inclusion with robotic process automation and facial recognition technology.

14 Feb

SAA, Nedbank launch world first with SAA Voyager Cheque Card

South African Airways Voyager and Nedbank have launched what they say is a world first: a cheque card which guarantees users earn air miles per transactional swipe.

11 Feb

Smartphones unleash the next biometric revolution

The mobile biometrics market will surge as smartphone owners increasingly use fingerprint, facial, speech and iris recognition for authentication.

8 Feb

eBook: Banking on AI

Learn how AI is enabling the transformation of banking and capital markets


White paper: Enhancing automation in financial services organisations

Digital transformation, using enterprise content management and business process automation to optimise productivity, reduces costs and eases compliance.

6 Feb

Absa, Digital Academy nurture young software developers

The Absa-Digital Academy partnership begins to bear fruit as it equips young South Africans with software development skills.


White paper: Cloud computing and data offshoring for banks

The Cloud Rules create a framework for the use of cloud computing and data offshoring by banks, says Microsoft.


Nedbank Private Wealth App continues to climb

The app was ranked second overall in the 2018 Mobile Apps for Wealth Management benchmarking report.


Mission Billion Challenge seeks digital ID innovations

World Bank and Absa prepare for the Mission Billion Challenge, which aims to find solutions to provide digital identity for the world's "invisible billion".

31 Jan

SA's Ecsponent enters Luxemburg fintech with acquisition

Ecsponent concludes a deal to invest in Frankfurt Stock Exchange-listed fintech innovator, MyBucks.

31 Jan

Automation to replace two-thirds of banking jobs

Machine learning, robots and artificial intelligence are expected to replace two out of every three jobs in the global banking sector, says Forrester.