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execMobile set to disrupt APN mobile data for IOT, corporates

No bundles. No term commitments. Pooled mobile data, pay only for what you use.

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2022

execMobile’s NOAPN solution is named to ensure corporates associated it with pooled data used by multiple SIM cards. However, that is where the similarity to traditional APN solutions ends. NOAPN offers a pool of SIM cards, rather than data, whereby SIMs can consume mobile data without commitments of term or total bundle size, under one bill.

Traditional APN solutions commit customer to 12- or 24-month terms or tiered pricing that require commitments of at least 15 Terabytes to achieve sub 8c/MB rates.This is everything NOAPN is not. Enterprises will pay at most 7.9c/MB on Vodacom’s network (traditionally more expensive than MTN) as a simple low per MB rate, on a month-to-month basis. Rates are down to 6.5c/MB on Vodacom’s network for customers who use a large volume of data monthly.

No bundle size commitment means there are no unexpected costs associated with overage or wasted costs for underage. Whether 1 000 SIMs jointly consume only 20MB for IOT applications or 200 SIMs consume 400GB for corporate use, the per MB rate applies.

No term commitments, on either SIM card charges or bundles, means execMobile can guarantee the flexibility needed to roll-out an IOT project, and close it down if not successful, or issue and withdraw SIM cards from a mobile workforce that is constantly in flux, without penalty.

Dual network flexibility ensures that where customers cannot use Vodacom’s network, the SIM is able to connect to MTN’s network. This allows corporates to deploy multiple network NOAPN solutions via the same SIM card, simplifying deployment.

What users of NOAPN can expect is usage control at all levels. Whether a usage limit per SIM is required, or just a limit on the total consumption, execMobile provides the level of control needed to protect enterprises from irregular expenditure and ensure cost control.

In addition, SIMpliCity, execMobile’s SIM management platform, can organise large numbers of SIMs into any number of parent/child iterations to ensure your SIMs are controlled and reported on with the granularity needed.

Over the past 12 years, execMobile has offered forward-thinking mobile data solutions to corporate travellers (eSIM since 2019), Direct Internet Access (DIA) SIMs to assist remote workers move out the office and to the cloud and multi-network local data SIMs in 190+ countries. Now, after two years of lockdown, their powerful partnerships have done it again, enabling this disruptive NOAPN solution, a first to the South African market.

When asked about the price entry and why it is so competitive, Ross Thomas, business development manager at execMobile, noted: “We wanted to create positive disruptive change in the APN market for all enterprises. We believe our NOAPN solution will simplify SIM management, remove barriers to pooled data solutions and increase the profitability of corporates we service. As a country, we are at a time where we all need to come together to promote growth across every sector, and this can be achieved with the new flexibility NOAPN offers.”

execMobile offers simple, intelligent mobile data for enterprises, travellers and things. Contact us at or call (087) 133 3619 for more information.